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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anna Grace - Saturday, January 30

Big news today.... the doctors have said that as long as everything progresses through the weekend as it has then they will be discharing Anna Grace on Monday after morning rounds!!!! Praise Jesus for hearing our prayers - for sustaining us and for healing and helping as only He can. We are thankful and we are humbeled. He has truly been merciful to our family.

We got all of our prescriptions filled for our little one yesterday - she has a BAG full of medicine to go home with. Also, her formula - Portagen - is also a prescription and they're going to let me know where I can get it once we get home. So, this weekend my goal is to learn how to "draw" her meds and administer her meds so that I will know how and be comfortable doing this once we get home. I am not a nurse nor do I have a medical background so this is all new for me. I am nervous about doing this - it's all important so I want to get it right.

My Mom is going to go to the store for us on Sunday to get some staple items for our fridge and also diapers & wipes for Anna Grace. Also, I had planned on feeding Anna Grace with Dr Brown's bottles, but she won't eat from them. She will only eat from Avent bottles - so my Mom is going to grab a few more Avent bottles for me since we only have one which the hospital gave us. Persnickety little girl :)

Just to let you know, once we get home we will be in quarantine for a little while most likely until cold & flu season is over - April perhaps??? So, visits from grown ups who are well are welcome, but we'll have to wait on having children over for a while. I know Zachary will have an adjustment to having no friends for a while, but at least we will be home & he will have Mommy & Daddy with him :)

Brian's parents are coming to the townhome on Sunday to help us pack up & CLEAN as we have truly made that townhouse our home over the last 5 - 6 weeks. The family who loaned us the townhome TRULY blessed us in allowing us to stay there. We are so thankful to this sweet, sweet family.

So, now we just go home & try and stay well and enjoy our family for the next few months and then it's back to Charleston for Anna Grace's second open heart surgery in about 5 months.....


Kelley said...

WOW! Praise God. I'm so excited that you get to go home and be a more "typical" family.

Jenn said...

This is great! How exciting! And I know you will do great with her meds. It's amazing the things you learn to do that you never thought you would have to do, and Anna Grace will amaze you with her ability to do things that most babies don't have to do... I will continue to pray that this weekend goes well and that Monday finds your family in the car headed HOME!

AliveinMe said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS PRAISE JESUS!!! I go in... AMEN she gets to come out!! I pray this does continue!!! He is AMAZING!!
Love you all!

In His Love,

Heather Siebens @AliveinMe