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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anna Grace - January 27

Last night was a better night than the night before. She slept pretty much through the night with the exception of a couple of dirty diapers that needed changing. Now, just to clarify, since she has been getting her food through the NG tube - Mommy has not had to get up every three hours to feed her like most Mommies of newborns have to do. However, I spoke with her doctor this morning who said that starting tomorrow (Thurs) that they think they are going to let me try to bottle feed her for every-other feeding, so that will mean that I will be attempting one middle of the night feed for her along with every other feeds during the day..... then it will start to feel a little more like life with a newborn :)

So, the doctors are still trying to find the right dose of blood pressure medicine for her. They are adjusting the amount again today to try to find the right balance for Anna Grace. She will have blood drawn tomorrow (Thurs) to check a few things.

Also - she will have an echo & a chest x-ray on Friday just to have a look & be sure everything looks OK.

1 comment:

mom2lo said...

Still praying for your sweet girl! I hope the every other feed works great with the bottles. She's doing so well! Can't wait to hear that she's taking ALL her feeds by bottle, then you guys can get on outta 7C and get home where you belong!

Thanks for keeping us informed on Anna Grace's progress. She sure is a little miracle! Praise the Lord!