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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anna Grace - January 12 - Update #3

Just spoke with Dr Butts as Dr bradley is still in the OR. Dr Butts said that Anna Grace definatley has the condition called Chylothorax. Apparently her Lymphatic system was damaged suring her surgery which has caused her lymphatic system to not be able to process the fat in the breastmilk and that results in fluid accumulation in her chest - hence the chest tube. This is VERY common for babies who have open heart surgery.

So, no more breast milk for Anna Grace. They will be starting her on one of two formulas - either Infaport or Portagen. These formulas contain medium-chain fatty acids which are processed through the liver not the lymphatic system. We are praying that her body will be able to tolerate this new diet and that the fluid accumulation will go away and we can lose the chest tube soon.

Dr. Butts said that many times the lymphatic system can heal and that in 6 weeks we will try the breast milk again and see what happens, but for the next 6 weeks she will be on the Infaport or Portagen. So... I think I will just deep freeze my breast milk in hopes of resuming it again in 6 weeks.

Please join us in praying that her diet change will solve the problem and that she will be able to tolerate this new food well and that her body stops the fluid accumulation in her chest.

"Devote yourselves to pryaer, being watchful and thankful" Colossians 4:2, NIV

Thank you Lord for giving the doctors wisdom and discernment. Thank you Lord that Anna Grace has been able to rest this afternoon. Thank you Lord for giving us friends near and far to pray for us and encourage us. Thank you Lord for your Word and your promises. Thank you Lord that we can have a personal relationship with you through Jesus Christ.


Jennifer said...

Thank you Lord for the TREMENDOUS witness Tina and Brian have, for the inspiration they are to so many as they walk through this fire-- praising and thanking YOU every step of the way.

What a blessing they are! Hold them close Lord!

AliveinMe said...

You all just amaze me with your faith thru it all--- God is sure working thru you-- thru Anna-- even in tough times- with Christ-- there is no darkness-- there is no mountain to high!! And you all are living the testimony out!!! AMEN!! I am wrapping her -- you all-- with the Chandler's, and our McRae's--and many more with His Dear love of prayer!! He is so true-- so faithful!! Blessings and prayers!!!!
~Heather Siebens @AliveinMe Christian Siebens @flyingchristian

PamO said...

We continue to pray for all of you and lift you up to the One who formed little Anna Grace in your womb. I even posted a prayer request for you on my blog about Zach's CHD journey at http://sweetheart-pamo.blogspot.com/
Thank You, Father, for this precious gift, this precious baby. Thank You for every hand that cares for her there in the hospital. Bless their actions and decisions. Please help Anna Grace's body to adjust easily to the changes in diet and to be able to shed this fluid quickly so her heart and body can heal and grow. Thank You for the Internet through which we can read the updates and lift up prayers to you and encourage our brother and sister in Christ, Tina and Brian. Praise be to You!
In His Great Love,
Pam Owens