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1 Chronicles 29:11

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anna Grace - December 2

I was able to go to the hospital last night for a few hours and see Anna Grace. She was battling an AWFUL diaper rash due to an upset tummy from all of the medication that she is on. I am happy to report this morning we talked to her nurse who said that they rigged up something to blow straight oxygen onto her little bottom throughout the night and that her diaper rash is doing much better today. Also, since her white blood cell count is now into normal they have stopped the antibiotic she was on so hopefully her tummy might start feeling a little better today.

She is still able to remain off the ventilator - PRAISE GOD and not only that she has still been able to remain off oxygen (well, she used oxygen for her bottom, but she doesn't need it to breathe) - this is another huge PRAISE!

Will BLOG more later today, but just wanted to give you the more recent update. Please continue to pray for our Anna Grace :)


Cathy Allen said...

May God be with you and bless you. I think and pray for you, Brian and Anna Grace everyday. May the Lord keep you all strong.

Mrs. R said...

I have been reading your blog over the past week. Many prayers are sent your way. You have been insightful to us as our daughter has just been diagnosed with HRHS and I am 5 months along. We meet with a specialist next week to learn more. Thank you for your posts and God Bless. You have inspired me to document our journey. Catie

BrianB. said...

Catie have you named your baby yet? Also your link does not seem to work.??

Mrs. R said...

Hello, the link is actually atimetopraise@blogspot.com
oops-so much on my mind.
We are in the process of choosing a name! Your daughter has a lovely name.
We had a feeling for BOY so we didn't have any girl name chosen quite yet. Blessings,Catie

Mrs. R said...

Okay, this is really the link.

Shay Shay said...

Tina, we are thinking and praying for Anna Grace, Zachary (also).

Mrs. R said...

Thank you for sharing update on her surgery. God will be glorofied through this and we are praying for you!