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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anna Grace - January 28

Quick post thi smorning, but wanted to let you all know that we treid feeding Anna Grace by mouth yesterday four times: 26 ml, 40 ml, 51 ml and 30 ml. Since she did so well today the doctor has said that we won't feed her through the NG tube at all today we will "Demand Feed" her by mouth. So, when she's hungry she eats as much as she wants when she wants. This is in hopes of her starting to "feel" hungry and then desire to eat more by mouth. We re leaving the NG tube in for today in case she doesn't do well by mouth, but it is a step. If she does well eating by mouth today then we can lose the NG tube tomorrow. Please join us in praying for this. I fed her by mouth this morning and she took 35 ml. She really needs to be eating at least 50 ml by mouth per feed, so hoping that our next bottle will be better. I am glad the docotr is letting us try.

Also - she had blood drawn this morning to check her potassium level as elevated potassium is a side effect of her blood pressure medicine. Hoping it will be normal and that she can tolerate this medicine. Her blood pressure has been normal since she has been on the medicine.

Tomorrow she is having a chest x-ray & an echocardiogram just to check thigs out & be sure everything is as it should be.

So, again.... we are just praying for our little girl to eat.

Oh.... I fed her a bottle at 2:00 am last night - it was like having a "newborn" - I was tired, but so excited to be feeding my daughter a bottle in the middle of the night.

Mrs. B is on her way to the hospital with Zachary. I haven't seen him since Sunday so I'm glad to be able to spend even just a few minutes with him this morning.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Anna Grace - that her tummy would be hungry and that she would have the desire and endurance to drink a bottle.....

If today goes well then we can start talking about going home.... can you imagine??????

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Kimberly said...

Some day we will indeed want Anna Grace to crave the pure milk of the Word, but today we are asking for her to crave her bottle! Thank You so much for Your hand upon her precious life and upon this wonderful family! Fill them today with hope and strength through Your Word, through Your Spirit speaking to their hearts, and through encouragers that You place on their path. I love You, Father!