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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anna Grace - January 19

Today has been a busy & eventful day.

Last night Anna Grace's heart rate started running high. The doctor on call said that we need to "watch it" but that it was still in "normal" range even though it was a bit on the high side. Please be praying about this for Anna Grace - today it seems better.

Today in talking with her cardiologist we realized that her blood pressure has been consistently WAY OVER normal blood pressure limits. So, he spoke with Dr bradley who spoke with me. Dr bradley said that she might be having a problem with her kidneys which could be causing her blood presure to be high. He has ordered an ultrasound of her kidneys. Please be praying there is NOTHING wrong with her kidneys that the ultrasounds shows healthy, normal kindeys. either way... I think that he is going to start Anna Grace on blood pressure medicine. I feel so bad, she is on SO MANY medicaations - I know they are all needed, but I wonder of the long term side effects for her because of it. Please join us in praying over this for Anna Grace.

She started on 2 hour compressed feeds today. It usually takes about 12 hours before problems start to arise, so please join us in praying that she is able to tolerate the 2 hour compressed feeds. That will bring her one step closer to home :)

Dr.. Bradley looked at the incision site on her chest and said that he thought it looked OK. She was switched from IV antibiotics to oral antibiotics today. Four more days of antibiotics as long as things continue to heal as they have been.

Anna Grace also had the pacing wires that were in her chest removed today. One less thing invasive in her body - hooray!

Please continue to pray for Anna Grace - her kidneys, her blood pressure, her heart rate, her feeds, her incision. There is still so much to be in prayer for. Thank you friends.

1 comment:

mom2lo said...

Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you and praying for you. I pray God continues to give you the strength you need to handle life on 7C, and I pray for Anna Grace to exceed all expectations in her healing and recovery simply because GOD is at work in her sweet, precious little life!

You are prayed for!