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1 Chronicles 29:11

Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom, O LORD, and you are exalted as head above all.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Party!

The kids non-birthday birthday party is coming up this weekend. The Grandmas were so generous to offer to buy a "shared" cake for the kids which will be half Dora and half Batman - should be quite an interesting cake! Zachary is excited - but he doesn't care about the cake or presents he is just excited about getting to play with his friends! That is SOOO Zachary. I will not be surprised if I have to threaten a time-out to get him to stop playing to come have cake & open his presents! Anna Grace doesn't realize that she has a party coming up and I hope that she does well with the crowd. Generally speaking she has been doing pretty well around people so I am hopeful that she will enjoy this year's party MUCH more than last years! I promise to post pictures of the party.... I know... I am slack with the pictures, but I will post party pictures!

Just wanted to also update you that Anna Grace will have her first round of Synagis and her Flu shot at the end of the month. The rest of the family will also be getting our flu shots at the end of the month as well. And so begins our winter season.......

Sunday, September 25, 2011


We got a letter in the mail on Saturday from the insurance company saying thay had approved Anna Grace for Synagis this winter! If you're not familiar with what Synagis is - it is a medication given my monthly injections which helps the body develop antibodies against RSV. It's not a vaccination, as there is currently no vaccine again RSV, but should Anna Grace contract RSV - this medication will help her body to fight the virus so that it won't be as severe for her. For a heart baby - that is a VERY BIG DEAL. VERY. BIG.

I know that so many of you have been praying about this for us and I want to say thank you for being so faithful to pray for our family. As a heart Mom I am very thankful for your prayers and for the Lord's mercy in continuing to provide for our family. He is so faithful. I am so thankful and so humbled. Now, we can start praying that Anna Grace will tolerate the monthly injections without too much trauma. Her attitude around doctors has been improving since she hasn't had to have regular injections this summer. I would hate to take two steps forward and one step back.

I also can not write a Synagis post without a big thank you to Anna Grace's pediatrician who totally went to bat against the insurace company for her benefit. I can not say enough wonderful things about AG's pediatrician - the Lord truly blessed us with him.

As you can probably tell, I am super excited about this news and just had to share!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow Notes and Growing Pains

As you know, Zachary started 4K this Fall. This is his first school experience and he is having some growing pains adjusting to school life. I am also having some growing pains adjusting to school life. I knew this would be the case so I am not surprised by it, but thought I would share with you all about how school is going.... for Zachary and for Mommy!

So, Zachary has been getting yellow notes sent home from school. Not everyday, but about half the week. All of the notes so far have been for things that I have not been surprised about. The fisrt yellow note: "Zachary was leaning back in his chair during snack time". The second yellow note: "Zachary was climbing in the cabinet under the play kitchen in the housekeeping center". The third yellow note: "Zachary cut his har with the scissors". The first RED note: "Zachary was waving the pointer around in the reading center and spinning in circles". The fourth yellow note: "Zachary was screaming out during the action-play songs - (example: if you're happy and you know it clap your hands - he was screaming it)". So.... none of these things surprise me. I have a high energy little boy who has ants in his pants. I do think he'll figure it out as he learns what is appropriate behavior at school. Academically, everything he is learning is a review for him and I am thankful that he is not having to learn new things while trying to figure out what is "appropriate" behavior at school.

As for me, I am having as hard time letting go. No surprise there. So, I am learning along with Zachary and it does not come easily :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Little Miss Anna Grace has become Little Miss Chatterbox. She is very chatty, just like her older borther! It is sweet to hear her little voice and she can say several different things, "here you go", "Okay Momma" and then the standard, "cat" "dog" "cow" "milk" "Momma" "Daddy" etc. Well, recently over the last week or so her answer for everything has been "no". Anna Grace, do you want milk? "No". Anna Grace, do you want to go outside? "No". Anna Grace, do you want your paci? "No". Anna Grace, is the sky blue? "no". You get the idea. It doesn't matter what the question is, the answer is always no. Sometimes, she will shake her head "yes" and still say "no". I think she just likes saying "no". She is certainly turning into her own person with her own personality and ideas. It is always exciting to watch your child grow! I am thankful to be witnessing these moments - including all the "no's"!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Just Cry

I haven't written a post like this in some time because Anna Grace has been doing so well and we have been living pretty normally now for the last few months.

Even though Anna Grace has been doing terrific, her third open heart surgery is always looming in the back of my mind. Seriously. Always. It doesn't take much to bring me to tears when I think about it and I Just Cry.

You've probably heard me mention before that Anna Grace does not yet sleep through the night. Sometimes, after I've been up with her in the night and I'm finally back in bed I can't sleep and my mind wanders. I start to think about the third surgery and I Just Cry. My mind starts racing. Especially in the middle of the night. I imagine how she will feel when she wakes up after surgery and how her eyes will be wide with fear. She won't be able to talk because she'll have the vent in and she will be scared and I will not be able to do anything for her except stroke her head for all of the tubes and lines that will be coming out of her body. I would say that it is like a nightmare, except it is reality and I know because we have DONE IT BEFORE. And it is HARD. I Just Cry.

Now, please don't misunderstand me. I am not walking around crying all of the time. I am mostly trying to soak in every moment and every memory I can make with my kids because I know how truly precious they are. But, it is hard being a heart mom and our kids have to endure so, so much. As a Mom it just breaks your heart somtimes, and you Just Cry.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Update

I know I promised pictures that I have not come through with yet.... sorry. I have a whole camera full of pictures that need to be uploaded - we have just been busy here. I'm usually really good about staying on top of that, but for some reason I just can't seem to get it done these days. Here's a quick re-cap of the last couple of weeks.

Zachary has remained in school and has managed to catch his SECOND cold in the 3 weeks he has been in school. He also shared this cold with his sister so they were both well for about 2 days from the lsat cold before they became symptomatic with this one. They are both tolerating the cold just fine and I am thankful that it is just a cold.

Since I last posted we bought a new sofa. Well, let me clarify, it is a used sofa but it is new to us. It was a Craigslist find that I am thrilled with and we now have a place to sit in the livingroom!

We also took both the kids, along with Mee-Maw and Pops, to Nivens Apple Farm on Saturday. Oh what fun! Both of the kids loved it - seeing the animals, climbing on and off the tractor, the hay ride, apple cider, the corn maze and of course the apples. It's something we look forward to every year. Last year Anna Grace was just learning to crawl when we went so she was really too young to enjoy all that Nivens Apple Farm had to offer, but this year - she kept up with her brother and was totally tuckered out at the end of the day! We plan to go back again in a few weeks once the pumpkins are ready to pick. Fall is in the air and we are enjoying the cooler weather.

Anna Grace and I have started going back to church with Brian and Zachary - although I am not taking her back in her class because she was just staying sick from the "nursery germs". So, I am now just taking her into the Sanctuary with me. She usually lasts about 15-20 minutes before we have to step into the hall because she won't sit still - but it is nice to be back in the Lord's house on Sunday even if we are in the hall :)

I am also in the process of planning a joint birthday party for Zachary and Anna Grace. Now, just to clarify - Anna Grace's birthday is not until December 28 and Zachary's birthday is not until January 26 so I know I'm early here. But, hosting a birthday party in the middle of cold/flu/RSV season is just not something I'm quite ready for just yet - so - they will be having a joint Fall birthday party at a local playground. Zachary also asked that it be a costume party - so - it is a playground costume party. What does he want to be????? A knight. Anna Grace likes to dress up, but only for about 30 seconds so I most likely won't be taking her in costume - I might just throw a tu-tu on over her clothes that way if she gets tired of it I can take it off easily.

So, that is about all that is going on in our little group for now. Thank you for checking in on us!