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Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow Notes and Growing Pains

As you know, Zachary started 4K this Fall. This is his first school experience and he is having some growing pains adjusting to school life. I am also having some growing pains adjusting to school life. I knew this would be the case so I am not surprised by it, but thought I would share with you all about how school is going.... for Zachary and for Mommy!

So, Zachary has been getting yellow notes sent home from school. Not everyday, but about half the week. All of the notes so far have been for things that I have not been surprised about. The fisrt yellow note: "Zachary was leaning back in his chair during snack time". The second yellow note: "Zachary was climbing in the cabinet under the play kitchen in the housekeeping center". The third yellow note: "Zachary cut his har with the scissors". The first RED note: "Zachary was waving the pointer around in the reading center and spinning in circles". The fourth yellow note: "Zachary was screaming out during the action-play songs - (example: if you're happy and you know it clap your hands - he was screaming it)". So.... none of these things surprise me. I have a high energy little boy who has ants in his pants. I do think he'll figure it out as he learns what is appropriate behavior at school. Academically, everything he is learning is a review for him and I am thankful that he is not having to learn new things while trying to figure out what is "appropriate" behavior at school.

As for me, I am having as hard time letting go. No surprise there. So, I am learning along with Zachary and it does not come easily :)

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PamO said...

Honey we know about those yellow notes and growing pains!!! Zach brings home a yellow star about every other day. The other day, he "threw his chair" according to the teacher's note on his chart! What??!! I tried to get Z to explain what happened but never got a straight answer out of him. These boys of ours...
As for your heart... it is hard to let go but this time is so good for him! I'm proud of you for having the courage to send him to school!
Love you, sweet friend!