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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anna Grace - January 14 - Update #2

Well, the doctors made their rounds this morning & decided that Anna Grace's problem might not be the formula but that she might not be able to olerate the compressed feeds. So they kept her on the formula and changed her back to continuous feeds. I told them that I didn't think that was the problem, but they said they wanted to try this for 24 hours and see. So, the started her back oon the Infaport on continuous feeds and as soon as they started the formula back she started crying, & crying. Her heart rate got into the 200's - I finally paged her nurse and said to page the doctor. The doctor said to stop the feeds & they would talk and decide what to do. As soon as they turned off the feeds she stopped crying. She is sleeping now. I am truly thankful for that. They have started her back on IV fluids until they can figure out what to do. Since she has been off the breast milk the fluid in her chest has stopped, but she cries constantly and throws up on the Infaport. What to do....... they said it is uncommon for babies to not be able to tolerate the formula..... I think they are surprised by Anna Grace's reaction to the Infaport. It is hard. Praying for God to give discernment, relief for Anna Grace and strength for Mommy. I have been crying all morning. It is hard not to when your little one is hurting and there is nothing you can do.


mom2lo said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Tina. You definitely know what's best for your little girl, so kudos to you for staying on top of things and telling the doctors what is in Anna Grace's best interest. I assume you're getting to hold her all you want to now, right (I couldn't remember if you said her RA line was taken out yet or not). Holding her has to help both her and you. Please do mention something about skimming your breastmilk. I would guess she would do fantastic with that!

You guys are in our prayers! Try to get some rest when Anna Grace naps... and put as many signs on the door as you need to in order to keep the nurses out! :)


Jessica said...

We were on the portagen for a long time. Ian tolerated it very well. Once he was out of the hospital they put us on the Pregestimil formula by Enfamil. Once he was tolerating his feeds, they allowed me to mix my breastmilk with the Pregestimil and slowly wean him off the formula and onto the breastmilk. This formula is not overly sweet so Anna Grace will gladly switch over to the breastmilk when the doctors allow it.

Stay strong, you will be in our continued thoughts and prayers.

Jessica Lane
Ian Poston
Ashlynne Lane

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is reflux. Have they did an upper GI?

Krisila said...

Tina, Thank you for being specific about what we need to pray for. Blake, our son, has not asked about Anna Grace for about 4 days, so I not surprised when he asked tonight. I did not tell him about your being upset today, because that would upset him and he would not be able to get that picture out of his mind. I just told him to pray for Anna Grace's tummy. He looked at me very bewildered and said, "What does that have to do with her heart??" I asked him if he prays for Anna Grace often and he thought a minute and said, "I'm sorry mom. There are too many prayers to count. I just have to believe the Lord is going (as he has) to honor those precious prayers from a young autistic man. Rest well. I am standing in the gap tonight praying as hopefully you are sleeping.