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Monday, January 4, 2010

Anna Grace - January 4 - Update #1

It is almost 8:00 right now. Brian & I got up this morning about 3:00 & headed to the hospital. We were able to spend some quality time with Anna Grace this morning before surgery. She was sleeping peacefully when we arrived - all swaddeled up like she likes to be. They had removed the little tube from her nose and we were able to se her little face without any tubes or tape on it. What a beautiful little face she has. Brian & I were also both able to hold her again this morning and that was such a blessing. She slept peacefully throughout it all.

Anesthesia came about 6:30 to get her. It was so hard to let them take her. We prayed over her before they wheeled her away. They are supposed to be starting surgery at 7:30. It is hard just sitting here waiting for news. Lots of prayers & tears. Weeping actually.

The hospital gave us a pager and they will send us pages periodically throughout surgery to update us on how surgery is going & how Anna Grace is doing. I will BLOG throughout the day as I find out more information.

Thank you all who rose ealry this morning specifically to pray for our sweet daughter. We are so blessed to have so many brothers & sisters in Christ who are faithfully lifting our daughter up to our heavenly Father. It is such a comfort - you will never know. We are tursting HIM.

Love in Christ,


Emily said...

I am a friend of the Caskeys. Just wanted you to know that my girls and I are praying for Anna Grace. Also, I'm not sure what Anna Grace's surgery is, exactly, but a friend's son, Hank, went through a heart surgery just last month when he was just a few days old. If you wanted to read their experience, it's at http://theharughtys.blogspot.com/
Anyway, just saying that we're praying here in Houston for your family.

Milo Wilson said...

I know this day is extremely difficult. We have been there right where you are. I wish we were there with you now. Anna Grace is in wonderful hands, both the Lord's and Dr. Bradley's. There will be many highs and lows over the next 48 hours and the coming month. Stay positive and try not to let the lows bring you down, they are going to happen, but God is always in control. Praying for Anna Grace and the team at MUSC right now.

-Erin Wilson