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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anna Grace - January 6 - Update #2

Spoke with Anna Grace's Cardiologist tonight, Dr Forbus. He said that since Anna Grace is on the lowest ventilator setting that he is going to allow her to do C-PAP Trials tonight. What that means is that they will turn the ventilator on a "standby" mode and allow her to breathe on her own. The vent will remain in & the vent will monitor her levels while she is breathing on her own. If she needs help the vent will automatically kick in & take over for her. Please pray that she "passes" her C-PAP Trials tonight. If she does then Dr Forbus said she can come off the vent tomorrow. That would be truly a miracle for her to come off the vent this quickly - truly, it is not the norm for these babies to come off the vent this quickly.

Also, the cultures taken from her heart yesterday came back NEGATIVE for infection (Praise be to God!!!!!). They will watch the cultures for another 24 hours. If the cultures come back negative again tomorrow then Anna Grace can stop her antibiotics - so please pray for more negative cultures tomorrow. The antibiotics really upset her tummy so being able to stop them will make her that much more comfortable (and her little bottom too).

Dr Forbus also said that they started her IV fluids again today (eletrolytes) and that if things go well they will start her on breast milk through her NG tube tomorrow - not much - just 2 cc's an hour, but introducing food to her is a BIG deal after the Norwood. Also, that much closer to her being able to eat from a bottle.........

So, tonight & tomorrow are going to be BIG hurdles for our little one. Thank you for praying - God is answering and is being so merficul to our little Anna Grace. Thank you Lord, thank you Lord - we are humbeled to be so blessed!


Krisila said...

Tina and Brian, There is so much encouraging news today. I know what a big step it is to go from the vent. I am praying that she will tolerate each step easily. I am also praying for continued NO INFECTION- thank you, Jesus!!! I am praying she tolerates the breastmilk- liquid gold (I pumped 6 weeks for Blake). God has been merciful to each of you- especially Anna Grace. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and surpassing our pleas. I am sure you are rejoicing. Partnering with you in prayer. The Fosters

Ashley said...

Brian and Tina,

Still praying for your little miracle baby. She is such a little fighter. God is AWESOME. How are you guys holding up? Lots of my friends and family are praying for you all. Hang in there.