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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anna Grace - January 10

So, again it's another late post about Anna Grace, but she had a really good day today - thank you Lord!

I started the day by calling her nurse who said she had a good night last night which made me comfortable about going to Lighthouse Church to Worship before heading up to the hospital. Lighthouse is the Church that Crossbridge Ministries is based out of. Crossbridge has been ministering to our family in such a big way these last two weeks I was excited about being able to go see some Crossbrisge friends and Worship with them. The Pastor spoke to us from Exodus Chapters 1 & 2 specifically about the Hebrew people being enslaved, then forced to do hard labor and then the Pharoh decreeing that all the boy babies be killed. Things were not looking good for the Hebrew people - God's people - but God had not forsaken them - he was working behind the scenes in preparing Moses. What a sweet message for me that was today and I was so thankful to be in God's house today. What a week we have had, a week full of miracles- thank you Lord!!!!

So, I didn't arrive to the hospital until about noon. When I saw Anna Grace the doctors had removed all of the lines from her tummy!!!! She still has the RA line into her chest and the pacing wires into her heart and the NG tube in her nose that goes into her tummy and an IV in her right hand - we are down to only those four things - wow!!!!! They also had Anna Grace up to "full feeds" which for her is 25 ml per hour through her NG tube. She appears to be tolerating the milk fat well. She has some residual milk in her tummy which means that her little tummy is not digesting all of the milk, but she hasn't thrown up at all today which is a good sign. Please pray with us that her body is going to be able to digest all of the milk and that there is very little residual milk and that she has no vomiting.

The doctors think that they will be able to remove her RA line tomorrow and if they do that then I will be able to HOLD HER!!!!! Please be praying that will happen soon as I am so HUNGRY to hold my baby - how sweet that will be!

As for her swallow study - it looks like that won't be until Wednesday as they want her to be on full feeds for a couple of days before they do it.

It looks like we might be candidates pretty soon to be moved to "7C" that is where heart babies go when they move from PCICU. It is the "step down" floor from PCICU. I don't want to get ahead of myself as we are still taking things "day by day" as Dr Bradley would say, but once she can tolerate "full feeds" for a couple of days that's our ticket out of PCICU!!!

Thank you friends for continuing to pray for Anna Grace - it seems like everyday is a big day for our little one :)


Jenn said...

Tina, I can't believe that Anna Grace is already taking that much milk! Well, I can because God is so awesome. But goodness! And I am so happy to see pictures. She looks great! I am praying that you get to hold your baby soon, and that all goes well for your family as your guys are apart from you and Anna Grace.


Second Heart Mom said...

I found you linked on another heart mom's blog I read and your post brought back so many memories for me! My daughter had a heart transplant in July and that first time I got to hold her (after over four weeks!) was AMAZING! Truly amazing. I will keep Anna Grace in my thoughts and prayers for her eating and swallow test to come back positive and the move to the step-down floor (also a wonderful feeling!). Good luck!