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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anna Grace - January 14

Well, the doctors told me that feeding might be our biggest hurdle of all and that has certainly proven to be the case for Anna Grace so far. The formula they started her on yesterday, infaport has caused her to vomit. She doesn't appear to be able to tolerate it. After the last round of vomiting this morning I begged them to turn it off. They finally did and now the doctors are putting their heads together to figure out what to do next. She can't have regular formula and che can't have breast milk. There is one other formula they can try, it is called Portagen. I'm not sure what they're going to decide to do, but I have just been beside myself all night watching my daughter cry and vomit. It is hard. Please pray for discernment for the doctors of how to handle this new hurdle.

I am sad today, for my daughter who has been sick all night..... for Zachary who I haven't spent any time with in almost three weeks. Lord please help me to see what you are trying to teach me.


Katie said...

Tina, Marlee also has/had feeding issues. Initially she was getting breast milk through her NG tube, but she couldn't tolerate it. They switched her to Soy and she began projectile vomitting! I call it vomit bc it was not a little spit-up! It was pretty much the whole feed! This went on for at least 5 months, but she was gaining weight so the doctors said to continue with the soy. When she learned to sit up, she stopped the vomit! She still doesn't eat well bc of the reflux! Its a daily battle to get her to eat! I understand how you feel, seeing your baby in pain is terrible! We are praying for Miss Anna Grace!!

mom2lo said...

Has anyone mentioned to you the idea of skimming the fat from your breastmilk? I know it's been done at MUSC before. Basically for the babies that can't handle the fat, the breastmilk is put into a centrifuge and the fat is separated so you're basically left with SKIM breastmilk. Talk with Erin Wilson as she did this for Josiah and he seemed to handle it well. I don't believe it's "standard practice" at MUSC but it has and can be done. I bet that would really help Anna Grace with her feeding issues. Ask about it and don't take NO for an answer! ;)

Praying for you guys! I know how difficult and tiring 7C can be!!