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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anna Grace- January 13

Well, today is another big day for Anna Grace. It seems that everyday is a big day for our little one. We moved from PCICU today to 7C. I was reluctant to go, it's scary leaving the one-on-one care of PCICU to being in your own room with nurses down the hall. The doctors said that Anna Grace was ready (Mommy was the one who was not....) But, we made the trip and are getting settled in. Anna Grace still has a chest tube in so please continue to pray for the fluid in her chest to stop so that we can lose the chest tube for good. Also, Dr bradley suspected yesterday that she might be starting an infection on the incision on her chest so he ordered her to start antibiotics. So we are back on IV antibiotics (which means hello diaper rash). Please be praying that the antibiotics will prevent this from turing into a "big" infection or a big deal. Also, pray for her bottom. I know it sounds insignifant, but it is so uncomfortable for her when her bottom is raw. They have compressed her feeds to 1 1/2 hours now and this has caused her to start spitting up so the doctors have put her on three new medications for refulx: Reglan, Zantac and Prilosec. They said that it is very common for heart babies to suffer from reflux and so since Anna Grace is now getting more food during a compressed period the refulx is rearing it's ugly head. So, please be praying that she can tolerate her feeds without too much spitting up.

It's been a big day today. Now that she is out of PCICU I will start spending the night with her in her new hospital room. There is a little couch for me to sleep on, not the Marriot by any means, but it will be fine and it is right next to my daughter's crib. I think Daddy is too big to sleep on it though so Mommy is probaby going to be doing night duty until we go home.

As for going home..... it all depends on the drainage from her chest tube AND getting her to tolerate fully compressed feeds. The doctors said that every baby is different and they go at their own pace. I have come to learn that there are bumps & hurdles along this road so I am taking it "day by day" :)

Thank you Lord that we are on 7C today!

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Katie said...

Yay Anna Grace!! Enjoy that nice plastic couch! My back will never be the same, but its worth it to sleep beside your baby! Take advantage of the free movies on demand! Keep it up sweet girl!!