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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anna Grace - January 17 - Update #3

So.... the surgeon came by this morning & removed Anna Grace's chest tube. Praise God, thank you Lord! He also looked at Anna Grace's infection site and decided that it did not need to be packed. We are going to continue to treat it with a dressing & IV antibiotics as we have been doing & watch it closley.

Anna Grace has been sleeping all day today - literally, she has only been awake about a hour for the whole day - I wonder what kind of night we'll have??????

We also changed rooms today - we were in a small patient room & there is one large patient room on our floor which opened up today. It is for heart patients who have a long stay at MUSC and they gave that room to us. I'm thankful that we have a larger room, but sad that we need it :(

Anna Grace's feeds were increased to 21 ml today & she has tolerated it fine (hence the sleeping.....) so tonight at 11:30 pm her feeds will be increased to 24 ml per hour. Praying that goes well......

Brian went home today & Zachary is staying in Charleston this week with my parents. I think they are going to bring him to the hospital tomorrow for a couple of hours to let me see him & get some Zachary hugs & kisses :)

So, please continue to pray for Anna Garce to tolerate feeds, that her infection on her incision site heals and that she sleeps through the night tonight (so Mommy can sleep tonight) :)

Praise God for hearing our prayers - He does hear our cries.

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