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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anna Grace - January 5

It is about 9:30 am and Brian & I were just in to see Anna Grace. She is quite swollen this morning, much more so that yesterday. It is very hard to see your daughter with her chest open, swollen almost beyond recognition and hooked up to more tubes & wires than any infant should ever be. As a Mother my heart breaks for my sweet infant daughter. It is hard, it is hard, it is so hard.

With that being said..... Brian & I talked with her nurse who said that Anna Grace is doing very well (PRAISE BE TO GOD & HIM ALONE)!!! Her chest tube is clear which means no bleeding in her chest. Her urine output is OK, not great but OK. The swelling seems to be mainly in her hands, feet & face & NOT in her chest or abdomen which is good. She also said that if everything with Anna Grace continues like this throughout the day that Dr Bradley is planning on closing her chest this afternoon at 2:00. Her nurse said that in the 5 years she has worked in PCICU that she has only seen a hanful of "Norwood babies" be closed the day after surgery. Thank you Jesus for hearing our cries! Please continue to pray that Anna Grace does well today and can have her chest closed today. It will greatly reduce her risk of infection once her chest is closed.

Her nurse said that they will close her chest in the PCICU, they will not have to take her back to the OR for that. They said it will last a couple of hours. Please be praying for Anna Grace this afternoon at 2:00 as she undergoes yet another surgery. Not as serious as yesterday's surgery, but still another surgery and another hurdle to jump.

Brian has just now left the hospital after being here all day yesterday & throughout the night. Please pray that he can get a few hours of restful sleep as he wants to be back up here when Anna Grace has her surgery this afternoon.

Please also pray for Zachary as he is really beginning to miss his Mommy & Daddy.

Also, I woke up with a sore throat this morning - probably due to all the crying yesterday, but when you have a very sick child you can't take any chances. So I scrubbed up very well this morning and wore a mask as I saw Anna Grace,, but I didn't touch her and I am not going to wait by her bed today just in case I am starting to come down with something. I'll be in the PCICU waiting room. Please pray that I am not sick and that my throat will start to feel better today.


denise said...

just discovered your blog yesterday. will pray at 2:00 for God's grace and care to cover all concerned.

Michelle Bland said...

our God is so awesome. thank you for sharing these miracles that He alone is working. praise and glory to Him. you are on my heart and in my prayers throughout the day. may God wrap you and Anna Grace in His arms, heal you of any sickness and give Anna Grace the strength her little body needs to withstand this surgery. i will continue to pray.