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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anna Grace - January 23

So.... Anna Grace passed her swallow study on Friday. PRAISE THE LORD - it is such a blessing. So, Friday afternoon I worked with the occupational therapist to feed her the very first bottle. She took about 20 ml from the bottle & then finished the rest of her feed through the NG tube. The doctors want her to try twice a day with the bottle - she can drink as much as she can tolerate from the bottle & then finish her feed through the NG tube. Maybe on Monday the docotrs will allow her to start trying three times a day with the bottle???? We'll see. It is thrilling to see her beginning to learn to eat from the bottle, truly, how I took the simple act of feeding Zachary for granted. Now with Anna Grace it is an exciting new adventure!

She also started her blood pressure medication and he blood pressure has been much better. They are going to draw more blood from her on Monday to make sure that everything is OK with the new medication, but so far so good.

She is finished with her antibiotics and although the place on her chest is not healed yet - the doctors feel confident that it is not infected and the as she starts taking in more calories her body will be able to heal that place on its own.

I spent two nights at the townhome & am feel refresed and like a new woman! A friend from Greenville came to Chalreston to keep Zachary for me on Thurs & Fri and I was able to spend a little time with her, I got my eyebrows waxed and bought two new pairs of jeans since I could not keep the other ones up :) It's amazing how much better I feel after having two full nights sleep - although, Brian is now back at the townhome catching up on his rest after being up for the last two nights at the hospital. I am SO, So, SO thankful for my sweet husband - he worked all week & still wanted to give me a rest. He is a blessing and I do not take him for granted.

My parents are also here from Spartanburg to keep up with Zach this weekend so that Brian can rest while I'm up at the hospital. Life is chaotic, but the Lord is sustaining us.

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Stephanie Quintero said...

Amen and amen!! Sounds like a great day. We are always praying for you but we will put 3 bottle feedings in the prayer request tomorrow.