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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anna Grace - July 8

Well.... we just got home from a very long and tiring pediatrican's visit - no reflection on her awesome doctor - there was just a lot to do at today's visit.

She had a chest x-ray which looked good - no evidence of fluid accumulation on the lung or surrounding pleural space. Thank you JESUS! Dr. R will look at the chest x-ray tomorrow and give the final verdict, but I am pleased that Dr. Y thought it looked good.

She had a urine culture done which looked good - they will watch her urine specimin for 24 hours to be sure that there is no bacteria growth so we won't have the "offical" all clear for another 24 hours, but I am encouraged by today's results. Thank you JESUS!

She has blood drawn today and her white bllod cell count looked NORMAL which means no active infection anywhere in her body - thank you JESUS!

Whew.... Anna Grace was wore out at the end of the visit and Mommy is too. Poor little thing has been through so much that my heart really ached for her today with all the labs and tests, but I know that this is her journey and the Lord will give her what she needs to endure it - I believe that. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed Anna Grace with such healing - the doctor today and the nurses were amazed that she had just endured OPEN HEART SURGERY not even two weeks ago. She really looks terrific :) Maybe one day ya'll will actually get to meet her?????

So, tomorrow is her cardiologist appointment and the echo which will tell us about her heart function. I am nervous and exctied about tomorrow's visit. Please join us in praying for a good report from Dr. R tomorrow about Anna Grace's little healing heart.

Thank you friends!

By the way... Zachary left today to go to the lake with his Mee-Mee. He has been cooped up in the house for the last 3 days with me and Anna Grace because it has been to hot to even play in the yard. I think he would have spontaneously combusted if we hadn't let him go to the lake today. He was so excited that at 8:00 this morning he was packing his Spiderman Backpack with clothes and toys and his Mee-Mee couldn't get here soon enough for him. When she got here he was ready to hop in the car. I am glad that he's going to get some good outside play for a few days, he is growing up so fast!

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Anonymous said...


So glad to read today's update! Praising God for the good reports from tests run today and praying for more good news tomorrow. I'm also praying for good rest for you and Anna Grace tonight!

Michelle G