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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anna Grace - July 1 - Update #2

Anna Grace's urine culture came back negative for bacteria today. That is encouraging. They will watch her urince specimen for the next 48 hours and see if anything grows. If after 48 hours nothing has grown then they will pronunce her "clean". We can't go home until she has a "clean" 48 hour specimen so this is really critical for us. She is still on the IV antibiotics which she is tolerating OK. The portagen she is still struggling with drinking, but she did gain a little weight today and so the doctors are fine. She has enjoyed her rice cereal, sweet potatoes and green beans more than ever before!

So, I took my much needed shower at the hospital and I am doing the hospital night shift again tonight. A change of plans, but I did have an almost 2 hour nap this afternoon so I am feeling about as refreshed as I can under the circumstances.

Please join us in praying that her urine specimin does not grow any bacteria - this will indicate that the antibiotics are working. Then maybe we can start talking about going home????? Her heart function looks good, the doctors have said the UTI is the only thing keeping us here.

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