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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anna Grace - July 14

So I think we are starting to get settled in finally and Anna Grace appears to be feeling a little better. Although, she looked a little more blue to me today, something I will be sure to mention when we see the doctor again. Other than that things are pretty normal. Anna Grace has almost mastered sitting up by herself. I do have to hang close to her though because the moment I step away she falls over. When she does fall over it doesn't seem to hurt her - she doesn't cry and she's prefectly happy for me to sit her back on her bottom for more playtime with toys. It's really quite cute and she seems to like it better than laying on her back - of course NOTHING compares to hanging out on Mom's hip, but let's face it... she's almost 16 pounds so she can't hang out on my hip all day.

Before her second surgery she was flipping from back to tummy and tummy to back but she has not yet attempted to roll over since she's had her surgery. I'm guessing her chest is still too sore to try it. Hopefully she'll be feeling up to it very soon.

As for the new house.... the previous owner was a smoker so before we can move in we need to replace the carpet and repaint the house. We are hoping that maybe in a month the house will be ready to move in. I think next week I am going to start trying to sort through all of our "stuff" and get things ready for a yard sale that we will surely need to have. Speaking of yard sale... Zachary told me the other day there was a new toy that he wanted. I told him he could sell some of his toys at the yard sale to make money to buy the new toy he wanted. He said, "I CAN'T sell my toys Mom... I love them all". Hmmmmm..... seems that our yard sale is going to be a teachable moment!

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