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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anna Grace - July 4

With all the excitement of open heart surgery I completley forgot that today is a holiday..... I also forgot it was Sunday..... the days all run together when you're in the hospital and I think it will take a little time for me to adjust to the "real" world again.

Anyway.... Brian rigged up Anna Grace's crib with some pillows under her crib mattress which makes her crib incline. We also made a little "nest" with a blanket like they do in the hospital to keep her from sliding down. Hopefully this will help her sleep more comfortably tonight. We'll see.

It is nice to be home, I have the best bed and pillow ever, it feels like complete luxury after sleeping on the hospital couch. We are still working on laundry here at the Bentley house.... I did manage to make it to the grocery store today AND cook dinner for our family. It was only possible because Brian was home with me today, I don't know what I'll do once he returns to work on Tuesday. Can you say... 1-800-PapaJohns?????? Anna Grace just wants to be held constantly, which I can't blame her really, but you can't do anything while holding a baby. We are also not supposed to pick her up under her arms or hold her around her chest for 6 weeks which is tough at this age - it also limits what you can put her in... no bumbo, no exersaucer, no high chair.

Anyway.... our little girl, who used to be SO GOOD about taking her medicine now fights and cries every times she has to take it - which is A LOT. She is still on quite a bit of medication (even for Anna Grace), but we are hoping to drop two of them by the end of the week. I am praying that as she adjusts to being home she will adjust to happily taking her medication like she used to. Please be praying with us about this, it is hard to force her to take her medicine and it is critical that she take it.

I have taken her temp a couple of times today and it has been normal each time, this is a good indication that there is no active infection - THANK YOU LORD!

Anna Grace also got a GOOD bath tonight for the first time since surgery. Well, I can't wash her chest just yet, but her bottom, legs, arms, and head got a good scrubbing. She seemed to enjoy it and she smells a lot better now too :)

As for the Portagen.... she is doing OK on it, although she doesn't really like the taste and it upsets her tummy.... she is drinking a little of it. Since Portagen is a fat free food it doesn't really fill her up so she is eating smaller quantities more often, which means Mommy is up during the night. Only 5 more weeks.... I am seriously counting down the days. Seriously. Just so you know, it says on the side of the can of Portagen "Portagen Powder is not designed for use as an infant formula". Poor Anna Grace :( She is a little trooper though.

So, overall today was a good day - although at one point today I just got overwhelmed with it all and started to cry. It is a big responsibility taking care of a sick baby and I question sometimes if I am up to the task. I asked the Lord today to increase my faith - clearly HE thinks I am up to the task.

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Carolina Carters said...

I'm so glad you guys made it home!

Derrick was on portagen after the Glenn, and trust me, we counted down the days too!! It was tough, but thankfully, it ends!

We also had a very fussy baby for a couple of weeks, and one that wouldn't take his medicine after surgery! Thankfully, both of those end as well! Before you know it, Anna Grace will be back to her old self and this will be a memory. Until then though, the days will seem so long...but we'll be praying for ALL of you!

Big heart hugs and prayers,