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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anna Grace - July 7

Anna Grace didn't sleep all that great last night, but overall she acts like she is feeling better. She is suffering right now from a TERRIBLE diaper rash. All the medication she is taking is really upsetting her tummy. I am hoping to try & get it under control today by letter her go diaperless - yes I know I am brave! It promises to be a very messy day for Mommy, but I'm told that room air is the best thing for it.

I want to share with you that when I was a little girl I would call my Granny (my Dad's Mom) on the phone and talk with her weekly. She would always tell me about her postman, Mr. Brooks. Her mailbox was at her door and the postman would deliver her mail to her door and she would chat with him for a few minutes each day. She really enjoyed his "visits" each day and would always tell me how Mr. Brooks was doing and even bake him cookies each year fro Christmas. I thought it was silly at the time that she would so look forward to the mailman coming each day. But here I am - in quarantine for what seems like forever. We have a mailbox on our frontdoor and our mailman hand delivers our mail each day too. I find it is a nice distraction each day and see why my Granny looked forward to Mr. Brooks "visits" each day. Our regular mailman is on vacation this week and yesterday a maillady came to deliver our mail. I was on the sunporch with Anna Grace and the maillady said "Oh, you just had a baby. She's so cute. This is the best time of her life." Then she was on her way to finish delivering her mail. I thought about what she said yesterday - is this the best time of Anna Grace's life? Hmmmm...... it has been a trying couple of weeks, but there is no question that the Lord has blessed Anna Grace with a speedy recovery after open heart surgery. Somethign to chew on for sure....

Anyway, Anna Grace has her pediatrican's appointment tomorrow and I am going to ask him to check her urine to see if her UTI has cleared up. She had her last does of antibiotics yesterday. Please continue to pray that the antibiotics killed all the bacteria and that this is no longer an issue for her little body. Also, please pray that her echo on Friday shows good heart function and no complications. Our little one still has some healing to do. Thank you friends!

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Jennifer said...

Praying for you! Can I bring you a meal Friday??? call me. LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!! Jenn