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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anna Grace - Update #2

Sorry it has taken me so long to update there has been much discussion and deliberation as to Anna Grace's care. Ultimately what was decided is that she will continue on the IV antibiotics until she loses the IV that is currently in her foot (they usually last about 3 days or so). Once she loses that IV (pending she contracts no other infection while we are at the hospital) then we will get to go home on an antibiotic called Sipero (sp?). So, basically we're just at the hospital trying to get as much IV antibiotic in her while this IV lasts.

As for the Portagen... we found a little work around. She doesn't like to drink the Portagen, but she will eat it mixed with Rice cereal. While rice cereal does have some fat in it, it is mininmal and they don't think it should cause an issue with her chylothorax - although they are going to follow her closely with chest xrays while we are here. They really want her drinking as much as she will, but her eating it with rice cereal is acceptable.

So, please be praying that the antibiotics kill her infection and she does not contract any other infection while we are here. Please also be praying that her eating the rice cereal is not an issue with her chylothorax.

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

I am sorry I have missed a few updates. Lauren has been sick...not slept well at all for three nights. Minor stuff compared to all you are walking through, but I will say it has caused me to think of you and pray for you even more.

Praying you will be headed home soon! Praying that her little body will gladly accept and process the rice cereal!
Love, hugs, and prayers,