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Monday, June 28, 2010

Anna Grace - June 28 - Update #2

So.... you may or may not be aware that today is Anna Grace's birthday. She is 6 months old today. Most people don't celebrate 6 month birthdays, but for us it is indeed a day for celebration and if she could have cake I would absolutley give it to her!

She is currently still in PCICU - they are planning on moving her this afternoon. While I have been with her this morning she ate 5 ounces of Portagen for me and had a HUGE bowel movement. I know she will one day hate that I ever posted that on the internet, but it is a VERY GOOD thing that her bowels are moving as they should.

She still has her groin lines in as they are still giving her some medications through them, but they will be removed once we get to the floor. I think they are planning on keeping her on oxygen a little while longer as her sats drop LOW when she is unhappy. Personally, I think she holds her breath when she is upset (hence the drop) but the nasal cannula doesn't seem to be bothering her too much.

She is on oxycodone for pain and she is taking it by mouth. She is still on Versaid for anxiety, which they will discontinue on we get on 7C. Of course she is on the dirutic and an antibiotic as well.

I'll try to make an update later today once we get to 7C.

Please continue to pray for the fluid on her lung to resolve and the chest tube drainage to stop so that she can lose her chest tube. Thank you.

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Amanda said...

Continued prayers regarding fluid and tubes. Happy birthday, Anna! ♥