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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anna Grace - June 27

Sorry for the late update tonight. I didn't take my computer to the hospital today so I am now back at the townhouse and am just now being able to update you on how our little one is doing.

So... Anna Grace has been diagnosed with Chylothorax. Ugh.... so she is back on Portagen again. Please join us in praying that the drainage from her chest will cease now that we have made the switch to Portagen AND that she will drink it and be able to keep from vomiting the Portagen.

Also, Anna Grace has some fluid on her right lung. The doctors have hit her hard with diruetics today to try to get her body to release that fluid. It can basically go either way for her with this - if her upcoming chest x-ray (at 4:00 am) shows more fluid on her lung then they will add another chest tube - if the fluid on her lung is gone then we might possibly be able to get moved out of PCICU to 7C in the next day or so. Please be praying that the Lord resolves the fluid on her lung and that her upcoming chest x-ray shows NO MORE FLUID ON HER LUNG.

She is also having a rash which they are treating with Benadryl. Please be praying this resoolves as well.

As you can imagine Anna Grace is in a good bit of pain. The doctors are trying to find the fine line of keeping her comfortable but awake enouugh to eat onher own and keep her O2 sats at an acceptable level. She has been really unhappy while awake and has had to have her arms restrained because she kept pulling on lines. It is really hard as a Mom to see her like that - restained and crying. I can't hold her - I can't really console her and now she can't even have milk to console her she has to eat yucky old Portagen. Ugh... this is a tough season. Please be praying for healing for Anna Grace and for me as her Mom to be able to rest in the Lord's timing and in His will.

Thank you friends!


Hope said...

Praying to get off Portagen in 6 weeks! Many other prayers, too, and praises... To God alone be the glory. Love you!

Amanda said...

Thank you for sharing specifics for prayer. Love and prayers from the Parris family!

Minna said...

Fervently praying for you all.

Kelley said...

We're praying for all of you!!!

Brenna said...

I have been reading and praying and will continue to do so. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, and sharing how we can pray specifically!

PamO said...

Tina, Anna Grace is so blessed to have a Mommy and Daddy that are so full of love and compassion. God knows the heartbreak we feel as we see our children suffer. He hears your prayers and our prayers. Rest in His promises.
Thank you for giving us specific things to pray for --- we will lift her up!
In His great love,

Anonymous said...

We are continually keeping up with ya'll. Thanks for the updates and know all the Olivers are praying for your precious Anna Grace !! Jesus is our Refuge & strength in times like these. with love,Katie

mom2lo said...

Praying for all of you, especially sweet Anna Grace.