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Monday, June 28, 2010

Anna Grace - June 28 - Update #4

So... Anna Grace's birthday present today was that she got moved from PCICU to 7C. We are now settled comfortably into our new room on 7C. She was running a bit of a fever when we arrived down here and they ordered blood work & a urine culture to be sure she wasn't fighting any kind of an infection. Her temp has since gone down - I haven't found out yet what the labs showed, but my guess is that she was just worked up from the move & it made her hot.

Anyway, we are settling in for the night. I have made up my little couch with some blankets and a pillow and I have put my pajamas on. It's been nice seeing the nurses and doctors who we spent so much time with during our last stay at MUSC. Everyone has been raving about how big Anna Grace has gotten and how cute she is :)

So, again we are just praying over the fluid on her right lung and for chest tube drainage to stop. The quicker this resolves the quicker we can go home. Please also be praying that we can rest tonight - but we are in the hospital so chances are we'll be getting cat naps tonight.

I'll post again in the morning... good night!

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