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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anna Grace - September 3

We headed out this morning about 8:30 am up to Landrum again. We had to stop by and pick up a permit at the City Hall which happened to be right down the road from the park that Zachary loves. So we were able to go to the park and play for about an hour. Since it was so early in the morning there were no other children there to play with, but I think he still had fun and he was able to run out some energy. I forgot to whip out my camera at the park this morning so no park pics today.

After we got home we played puzzles for a little while. After I took Zachary's picture HE wanted to use the camera so I let him take this picture of me and Anna Grace, pretty good huh?

So this evening after dinner and bath I put Anna Grace on the floor in the living room with some toys to play with and Zachary was in the living room as well playing on the computer. I was walking around the house picking up the toys that were littered everywhere and putting laundry away and those types of things when I hear Zachary yell from the living room, "Mom, you need to come in here. There's trouble". What is he talking about..... is what I was thinking. I walked into the living room and our Anna Grace had figured out how to crawl over to Zachary's TV tray where his snack was and she had dumped it all onto the floor.

There were three different emotions going on at that moment. (1) Happiness - Anna Grace was so happy.... she was smooshing her little hands in the food and quite pleased with herself. (2) Not Happy - Zachary was NOT happy that she had gotten his food and was now playing in it. (3) Amazement - I was amazed that my little baby who just two months ago was having open heart surgery is now a CRAWLER! Yep... she just turned 8 months old a few days ago and she is crawling. I have added a little video clip of our crawler here for you to see as well.

Yep, that's definately crawling. Another HUGE milestone reached today. Developmentally she is right on target which is just a miracle considering all that she has been through. Now... I'll need to start picking up all those little toys that Zachary has that I haven't really been too concerned about. The choking hazards are everywhere!!!!

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Kimberly said...

How precious!!!! :) And how awesome! Such a wonderful praise! :)