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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anna Grace - September 2

Tuesday we went to storytime at the library and Zachary did a little better this time. He participated in the activites and played with another little boy there about his age. It was fun. Anna Grace did well sitting on her blanket during the stories and dancing. She never fussed or cried while we were there - which is always a good thing when you're at the library! (I forgot to take my camera so no libryary pics, sorry!)

Tuesday afternoon we headed to Happy Hollow Park. There weren't any kids there to play with so Zachary was a little disappointed, but he had to settle for just playing with Mom and Anna Grace. Not NEARLY as much fun as playing with other kids!

(Happy Hollow Park - Little Monkey)

(Happy Hollow Park - Climbing UP the Slide)

(Happy Hollow Park - Happy Baby)

Wednesday afternoon took us to McMillan Park. Unfortunatley there are no shade trees at McMillan Park so we played there about 5 minutes before we were all too hot to stay. Fortunatley, the park is surrounded by woods and trees so I grabbed a blanket that I had conveniently stashed in the trunk of my car, some sippy cups of water, some play toys and we headed to the shade of the trees. There are always fun things for little boys to do in the woods - tree climbing, throwing rocks, picking up sticks. Anna Grace had fun just playing on the blanket. There was even a pretty decent breeze so it felt quite nice in the shade. Our fun was disturbed when Zachary yelled, "I HAVE TO GO POOP!!!!!!". It was time to wrap it up and head home!

We've had lots of fun hitting the parks this week. We'll see where tomorrow takes us......

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Jami said...

If Zachary likes to climb, you should try Stoneledge Park in Duncan, near the new water park. No shade to speak of but there is a big "spider web" looking thing. That's what Eli calls it anyway and he loves to climb it. In fact, if you decide to go over the next couple of weeks, facebook me and we'll come too. Eli and Zachary are about the same age and I'm sure they'd love playing together!