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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anna Grace - December 4

We had an appointment with the Maternal Fetal doctor in Greenville on Friday (Dec 4). Our appointment was early (8:30) so we had an early morning of dropping off Z with Mrs. L to get to Greenville on time.

Let me just stop for a moment here & say THANK YOU to Mrs. L for being SO FAITHFUL to keep Z for us during our many doctor appointments. She never says "no", although there are plenty of times I'm sure she's had to rearrange her schedule to accomodate us. She is truly a blessing to our family and Z just LOVES going to her house :)

So... as Brian & I are sitting in the waiting room of the Maternal Fetal doctor's office in walks Anna Grace's Cardiologist. We did not have an appointment with him and this is not his office. When I saw him I said "Wow, I didn't expect to get to see you today" to which he replied "I'm just here to see you for a social visit". Now, for those of you who may not know, we don't have Maternity Insurance so, if we had an appointment with the Cardiologist the "office" would have had to charge us, so this sweet doctor took time away from his day to come see us away from his office for a "social" visit. So, they called us back & we had our ultrasound of our little Anna Grace. She looked great and appears to be growing normally (with the exception of her heart). She weighs in at a whopping 6 pounds 3 ounces (PRASIE GOD) and was a very active little wiggle worm. We were also blessed to have been able to just look at her little face in 4D. It's amazing technology and we were able to see even the most minor little details of her face. She has chubby little cheeks and a dimple on her chin and the cutest little pouty lips you've ever seen. The also has fat little arms & fingers. So basically I'm saying that she is SUPER CUTE!!!!!! It was a very sweet time to just look at her so peaceful, perfectly content in my womb :)

After all the "pictures" the Cardiologist came in for our "social" visit which he informed us that her heart looked the same (Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome) so we can still expect to deliver her in Charleston & she will still be having her first surgery most likely when she is about 2 days old. He also wanted to be sure that we knew how things would "play out" once she was born. She'll have to be put on a ventilator immediately and will have a feeding tube inserted as well as other "lines" run. She will be in the Pediatric ICU - unless there is no room there - in which case she will be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They will start doing testing on her immediately once she is out of the womb to confirm the findings of her "in womb" echocardiograms. Then the surgeons will come up with her specific "surgery game plan". It's all going to be pretty quick. At the conculsion of our meeting with the Cardiologist, Dr. R, he prayed for us and for Anna Grace. We won't see Dr. R again until after Anna Grace is home from Charleston. He will be her "regular" cardiologist in Greenville. I am truly thankful that God brought us to Dr. R. He has certainly ministered to our family and we are grateful that he will be Anna Grace's doctor.

After we met with Dr. R - then we met with the Maternal Fetal dcotor, Dr. G. He told us that my amniotic fluid is low and that he wants to monitor it closely. He said if it drops below a certain point he will go ahead & send us to Charleston to have Anna Grace delivered early. So there is a possibility that she will be born BEFORE December 30th. Please contunite to pray with us that this does not hapen and that she can be born on December 30 as scheduled. As uncomfortable as these last few weeks of pregnancy are, I really want my little one to get as big & strong as she can be before she has her first surgery. Dr. G said that everything else about her looks great and normal. Dr. G was also very generous with us and did not charge us for his visit on Friday. It truly is a testimony of how God is taking care of all these details for us through this journey. Thank you Lord :)

So.... as of today, I am trying not to be anxious, although I have to admit it is difficult for me. She's going to be here very soon and we don't know what her future holds. We are TRUSTING GOD that whatever plan He has for our family is perfect. We are also TRUSTING GOD that He will give us the strength to make it through each day of this journey. Thank you friends for continuing to pray for us & encourage us & love on us. You will NEVER KNOW how much it means.


Kelley said...

What blessings those doctors are! And AG's weight is AWESOME! Praying for the 30th.

mom2lo said...

Our baby boy, Chase, just went through what your sweet girl will be going through. He was born with HLHS at MUSC on Oct. 26th and we were discharged on Nov. 30th. You could not find better care than the staff in the PCICU. Dr. Hsia did Chase's norwood surgery and he was truly fantastic! Just know that although this journey is difficult and it's so hard to have so many unknowns, it IS possible to make it through if you rely on the Lord and let His will unfold before you. Our boy is a little miracle and we are so blessed to have him! I will be praying for you and little Anna Grace!!

Hope said...

I love that baby, and her big bro, too:) Great times loafing on the couch...

BrianB. said...

We had such a great time the other night Hope, and Tina loved spending some time talking with you as she always does. We are praying you start feeling better soon.