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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Anna Grace - December 23

Just got home from two doctors appointments this morning. The first was with my regular OB/GYN. They weighed me (I'm officially 50 pounds heavier today than when I started this pregnancy!) and checked my blood pressure (120/80 - looking good!). They also did an ultrasound on Anna Grace which showed that she does still have fluid on her abdomen although it does not appear to have increased. Anna Grace - although she was squirming - was not practicing breathing today which concerned me a little bit because she's uaually a champ at breathing. From there I saw the doc who checked my cervix and said that it was intact and that I would not be having a baby today :) That was super great news! Since today was my last visit there before Anna Grace's birth they asked me to keep them posted on her progress and I said that I would.

From there I headed over to Dr. G's office. They performed another ultrasound which showed the same thing as the first ultrasound. Since she was not practicing breathing they wanted to put me on the monitor for 20 minutes to check out her activity - which of course showed that my daughter's heart beat was steady and normal and that she is a VERY active little girl who never, ever sits still! What a blessing! Dr. G came in to talk with me after that and said that he & his office would be praying for us and asked me to keep him updated on her progreses. All of the staff there came to hug me and tell me goodbye since that was our "final" appointment there. They also asked for our BLOG address and said they would check out our updates on AG here. It truly was bittersweet saying good-bye to them. What a blessing they have truly, truly been to our family!

So, as it stands right now, we are still planning on going to Charleston on Dec 26. I have an appointment with the doctor there on Dec 28 and then she is scheduled to be born on Dec 30 (unless she comes sooner)! This time next week my little girl will be born. I am excited to meet her and yet wish that it wasn't quite time for her yet knowing all that she will have to endure upon her birth.

Thank you all for continuning to pray for us - specifically that things go well for her birth, for God to give her strength & endurance once she is out of my womb, for wisdom and discernment for the surgeons and doctors who will be treating her, for peace and security for Zach while he adjusts to the new home and being away from Mommy & Daddy and for comfort & wisdom for Brian & I. God is soverign and we trust Him - Amen!


Lisa said...

Praying for you and for Anna Grace as her journey here on Earth is set to begin soon! Having been where you are now (almost exactly 4 years ago) I know the excitement and the apprehension that are battling each other for top spot.

Praying God's will for you tonight~

Lisa in TN
Mom to 6-4 HH and 2 complex CHD boys!

Erin Wilson said...

Wising you the best as you start on this new journey. It's a long road but oh so worth it. We'll definitely be checking in with you. Glad you are hooked up with crossbridge already, that's an amazing group!