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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anna Grace - December 29

So... our little girl's surgery is not going to be tomorrow as we had been told. It is being postponed until either Monday or Tuesday next week. Anna Grace has had an elevated white blood cell count (which indicates a sign of infection) & has ben on antibiotics for this since she was born. Although her white blood cell count is coming down the doctors feel that they want her to have a full course (7 days) of antibiotics before they take her into the OR. So... that will mean her surgery will be on Monday or Tuesday but that Tuesday would be the latest. We know that God is in control off ALL the details in this and are trusting HIM. Because her surgery is now going to be next week, the surgeon on call next week is Dr. Bradley. So, Dr. Bradley, not Dr. Shaw, will be doing her surgery. Dr. Bradley is the most senior heart surgeon here at MUSC and has the best statistics with the Norwood Procedure. God is in control, thank you Lord :)

In the meantime, we are praying that Anna Grace's white blood cell count will continue to come down. We are praying that she will be able to continue to stay off the ventilator until her surgery and that she can remain comfortable and gain strength over the next few days as we await her surgery.

On another note.... I am meeting tomorrow morning with a social worker here at MUSC to complete the application for government assistance called TEFRA. It is like Medicaid, but it is not income based assistance - it is diagnosis based. We believe that Anna Grace's diagnosis qualifies her for TEFRA, so please join us in praying that we will qualify for this assistance and that we can get approval for TEFRA soon. We've known about TEFRA for a few months now, but you can't apply for it until the baby is born. So, now that she is here are are working on getting this application expedited as soon as possible.

I am being discharged from the hospital tonight so Brian & I will be leaving our little girl at the hospital tonight when we go back to the townhouse. Although we knew we would have to do it, it is hard to leave you baby at the hospital and go "home" without her. We are blessed that she has had such wonderful nurses looking after her and know that God is with her at all times.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for us. We will keep you updated each day as we know more.


Kimberly said...

I am so thankful for your updates, Tina.
Love you and praying for all of you,

kbhall said...

Meemee (Brian's mother) was so blessed to love on Anna Grace this mornng (12-30)for 3 hours. I prayed and sang to her as he lay quietly in her crib in the PCICU unit. I placed my hand upon her feet and let her know that I was there with her. She settled down and was still.....Thank you God for the blessing of my 12th grandchild.

BrianB. said...

Thanks mother for being a wonderful mother!