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Friday, December 11, 2009

Anna Grace - December 11

Today's doctor visit was a good one. The ultrasound showed that Anna Grace still has fluid on her abdomen, but that is does not appear to have increased - which is a good sign that her heart is holding steady. On a positive note, my amniotic fluid has increased (praise God)! Dr. G gave us the option of going down to Charleston today to have the doctor's there look at Anna Grace to determine if she needed to go ahead & be delivered or not. He said that most likely what would occur if we did that is that they would want to watch her & do another ultrasound on Monday to determine if she needed to be delivered. So, Brian & I decided to stay in town & we will go back to Greenville on Monday to see Dr. G for another ultrasound and then make a determination at that time about going to Charleston for delivery on Monday. He did caution us that if Anna Grace's movements decreased at all over the weekend that I am to go to the hospital in Greenville - so please join us in praying that she remains an active little girl throughout the weekend and we can go see Dr. G in Greenville on Monday as planned.

Some other pretty amazing things occured while we were at our visit with Dr. G this morning. The sweet nurse who usually sees me was there again today & performed my ultrasound as usual. During our time together today, Brian was able to share his testimony with her as well as share the Gospel with her. She began to cry as Brian shared how the Lord saved Him and I of course being pregnant began to cry too. She gave us both a hug and left the room. Then Dr. G came in and asked why we were making his staff cry :) Brian told Dr. G that he was sharing with her how God saved him. At that point Brian thanked Dr. G for waiving our fee for his services (which he has done for our last three appointments) and Dr. G said that this was his ministry and that he was glad to do it. Brian asked Dr. G if he could pray for him and he said yes, so the three of us prayed together in Dr. G's office. Friends, we ask you to please join us in praying for Dr. G and his office - they have truly been a blessing to us - certainly not a coincidence - but a blessing from our sweet Savior :)

Also, on another note - we had some roofers come to the house yesterday to patch our leaky roof. They feel pretty sure that they were able to fix the leaks (at least for the time being). They did not charge us for their services. We didn't share with them our situation with Anna Grace so we're not really sure why they didn't charge us for their services, but we are thankful for their generosity. If anyone needs a roofer we have one to recommend :)

One more blessing to share with everyone.... Crossbridge Ministries is a ministry in Charleston who we met with when we were there in September. They basically minister to families who have sick children/family members at MUSC and are in Charleston from out-of-town. They become your friends & church away from home while you are away from home. They have been faithful to pray for us and for Anna Grace since they found out about our story. I e-mailed them yesterday to let them know that we might be heading to Charleston earlier than expected as well as to let them know the location of the townhome where we will be staying while we are in Charleston. The director from Crossbridge e-mailed me back & told me that that we would be virtually across the street from each other. Truly, that is a blessing and again, not a coincidence. How wonderful to have a Christian support system whlie we are going to be away from home.

So.... we have all our bags packed and I suppose we will just keep them packed as we don't know when we will be heading down to Charleston. But for the time being we are enjoying being home together and our little girl has a few more days of comfort in my womb. Z will be home from his Grandparents in the morning so Brian & I are going to have a quiet evening together tonight.

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