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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anna Grace - December 31

I have some time to BLOG because we are not able to go see Anna Grace just yet today. Whenever a Heart baby has surgery or has a problem they "lock down" the PCICU and no visitors are allowed to go in until the baby having the problem is situated & stable. So... today there is a little baby who had been moved from PCICU to the "7C floor", but for some reason is now having to come back to PCICU. So.... we have not yet been able to see our daughter today. We are hanging out in the PCICU waiting room until we are able to go in... along with all the other parents of the heart babies in PCICU. Everyone wants to see their baby, but we all appreciate that they "lock down" when there is a problem. We have been able to talk with Anna Grace's nurse on the phone and she said that Anna Grace had a good night last night. That's all we know about her right now.

So... I went to the doctor this morning to see him about some extensive swelling I have been having in my feet & legs as well as to have him look at my stiches. He said that the swelling I'm having is normal and that the remedy is to lay down with my feet elevated above my heart. So, I have been laying on the floor in the waiting room with my feet propped on a chair. Certainly not ideal but hopefully it will help. He also said that I have had an "extensive repair" and that if I didn't take it easy I would end up back in the hospital. I can't really do that so I'm going to really try to obey as best I can. It's a fine line to walk because I know I need to take care of myself and at the same time I want to be at the hospital with my sick baby. The good news is that he said that both of these problems should be much better in a couple of weeks so hopefully in 2 weeks I'll be doing much better physically and can be there more for Anna Grace.

On another note.... Zachary has been having a big time this week. His Aunt & Uncles & cousins from Charlotte have been staying at the town home along with his Mee-maw & Pops. He is playing all day with his cousins and riding bikes & playing at the playground. He doesn't appear to be missing me too much right now with all of the fun he is having playing with the "big kids". I think his Aunt & Uncle are taking him to the Aquarium today. He's never been to an Aquaarium & I know that he is going to LOVE it.

The townhome that we are staying in has been such a blessing. It is HUGE and really looks like a model home - it far surpasses our needs - God is so good to provide for us what we need and MORE. It's about 15-20 minutes away from the hospital, we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect for our family.

With all that being said we are just trying to hang in there knowing that Monday is going to be one of the toughest days of our life and certainly in Anna Grace's life. It's so hard knowing what she is about to endure. They have been talking with us about some of the details of the surgery, but we haven't talked with her surgeon yet (Dr Bradley). It is overwhelming - especially since she is so tiny. I think we have wept more over the last week than in our entire lives.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for our family and for Anna Grace. Love in Christ - Tina


rick said...

Just want you to know that our family is praying fervently for your strength and courage and for Anna Grace's healing! God is a god of miracles and he still perfroms today. Take care!

mom2lo said...

Dr. Bradley is an amazing surgeon. I can't overstate how wonderful the folks are at MUSC. I will be praying for Anna Grace's surgery on Monday!

God bless!