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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Anna Grace has made some progress today and had a setback as well.  The night went fairly well.  She only got agitated once last night and was calmed with versed.  She did take a couple of sips of water for me during the night.  She spiked a temp last night so Tylenol was given and brought it down.  Brian arrived back at the hospital about 5:00 am and then I left for a few hours of sleep.

While Brian was with her she are some applesauce and 2 strawberries!  That was a huge answered prayer and she did not vomit after eating which is another huge praise.

Anna Grace has remained stable and much more calm today when she wakes up.  Although, whenever she is awake she just says "I want to go home" in the most pitiful little voice yiu've ever heard.  Poor baby!

The surgeon on call, Dr K, pulled AG's RA lines today and a monitor which has been taped to her forehead has also been removed.  It's a great thing to see a few of these lines leaving her.

The thing which has been a bit of a setback is all the chest tube drainage.  She currently has 3 chest tubes and they are all draining a lot.  More than the doctors would like.  They started a medication today that might help that and will reevaluate tomorrow.  They said they would not send her to the floor ubtil that dimishes at least some. So PLEASE pray for the drainage to diminish or stop all together.

I was also told that due to the amount of drainage she's having it is highly likely she has chylothorax but we won't know for sure until she starts eating foods which contain fat.  I have a couple ideas that I'm going to throw the doctors way about this, but I'll save that for later after I talk with them.

So, the last 24 hours have been full of praises and prayer requests.  Thank you all for faithfully praying for our little girl.  I'll keep you posted,


Jennifer said...

Praise God she got to eat some and has been calmer-- that's exactly what we prayed for in BF this am. :) I will shift gears and start praying for the amount of chest drainage.
Praying for you and Brian too!!!
Thanks for the update!
Love ya---

Carolina Carters said...

Praying that the drainage stops soon and that there's no chylothorax! I hope today is a good day and that she's moved to the floor soon!

pamo said...

I sent your blog url and twitter name to our whole Bible Fellowship class as well as writing your names on the prayer list this morning. We praise our mighty God for the progress that AG has made and will be praying for the drainage to sibside. I know how hard it is to be in ICU, so we will be praying for AG to improve to the point that they will move her. We are also praying for rest, peace, and comfort for you both as you minister to AG and those around you.
Thanks for the updates and the specific prayer requests!
Heart hugs!!!
Bill, Pam, Rebecca, and Zach Owens

Erin Wilson said...

Praying for Anna Grace and your entire family as we follow closely.