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Friday, November 16, 2012

Chest Tube Being Removed

Anna Grace's doctor told us yesterday that from what he was seeing her chest tubes weren't going to be coming out any time soon.  However though the night one of the chest tubes stopped draining.  At one point the nurse sent a doctor in to look at it to see if she saw any blockages.  She said she didn't see any, but that she would make sure they stripped the chest tubes in the morning in order to clear any blockages in them.  Everyone was certain it wasn't draining becaue it was blocked.  About 5:00 this morning a chest xray was taken to see if there was fluid accumulating in her chest due to the "blockage".  Once the attending doctor arrived this morning he looked at the chest xray and said there wasn't any fluid accumulating.  They stripped her chest tubes and there was no blockage.  He said he was wrong yesterday and that one of her chest tubes could indeed be removed today along with her pacing wires.I said, "Would you say it was miraculous?"  He said, "I wouldn't say it was miraculous, but I would say it was amazing."  Well, I am amzazed at this miracle of healing the Lord has performed for Anna Grace over the last 24 hours.  I am almost in tears thinking of how great a blessing he has bestowed on sweet Anna Grace and I am thankful for the prayers of so many of you.  Thank you friends.  May the Lord be glorified through this amazing act and may your Faith in the Lord's healing power be strengthened because of it.

She still has two chest tubes in so we need to conrinue to pray for the draingage from those to stop and she has also been throwing up today when taking her meds.  I think perhaps because she really doesn't have any food on her stomach so please pray for increased appetite and for the Lord to allow her to have a settled stomach when its time for meds.

Please pray for her this afternoon during the removal of the chest tube and pacing wires.  She wil be given morphine and versed for the procedure but she will be awake and I won't be able to be with her.

Please pray for coontinued healing and for no infection and no chylothorax.

Thank you friends, I will keep you updated.


Jennifer said...

Praise God! He is so good!!! :) We'll keep praying for the other tubes, her appetite, and a settled tummy.
Whoo-hoo for moving in the right direction and for miracles! :)

Love your guts---

Judy Yacoviello said...

A miracle for sure! God is the ultimate miracle healer! What a testimony your family and AG are to those Dr's and nurses. Continuing to pray for continued progress and and for no cyclothorax.

PamO said...

Praising God for progress! Still praying for all of you!
Heart hugs,
Bill, Pam, Rebecca, and Zach Owens