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Friday, November 9, 2012

First Hurdle Accomplished, Many More To Come

Surgery was finished around 3:30pm today.  There were no big surprises during the procedure (called The Fontan).  Everything they needed to get done during the surgery they were able to get accomplished.  The only issue was when they had to bring Anna back onto the heart and lung by-pass machine at the end of the surgery.  The surgeon (Dr. Bradley) saw something he thought might be an issue.  They re-assessed the issue quickly and made one small adjustment.  She did fine and came off the heart and lung by-pass machine while staying very stable.  She lost a little more blood than they like to see, but they felt it was not going to be too big of an issue.  The surgery was finished and she was brought back to the PCICU.  We then waited for the surgeon and head nurse to come and chat with us.

We had a private meeting with Dr. Bradley and the staff for about 10 minutes.  Tina and I took some time after the meeting in our private room to catch our breath, and took some time to pray thanking our Father on high for His grace.  We asked our Lord to bless those who prayed so desperately for us during this long coming journey.  We also took some time to come back down to earth that this is the first of many hurdles we have to overcome during this trial.  We asked for continued grace to stay strong and be faithful witnesses during whatever the Lord seemed fit to ordain to come our way.

We were then able to see our sweet Gracie-Poo at about 4:30pm.  Since the departure was so difficult this morning, it was bitter sweet to see our little girl still alive.  There are no words to explain what a father and mother go through during such a major medical procedure.  The Lord was good to allow our joy to increase also by allowing some of our family and close friends to see her as well.  Anna was still very sedated and sleeping.  This was a good thing though because of the 3 chest tubes, ventilator and complex spider web of wires coming out of her body.  As rough as she looked, we were so very grateful to see her.  It was a very sobering moment for us and His grace was not unnoticed.

We then left her with the nurse to get a little more settled into PCICU.  Tina and I said our good-byes for the evening with family and friends and then sat down at the hospital cafeteria for a quiet dinner.  Well it was a quiet dinner except for one lady sitting close to us who was talking to the television news anchor, but that conversation was doomed from the beginning and ended quickly.  It was soon quiet and we were able to reflect on how hard the day had been.  We both felt ran over by a train.

After dinner we came back to the PCICU to see Anna.  We ran into the doctors making their rounds and got some good info on Anna’s current condition.  They said Anna looked really well for the most part.  She is having an issue with some clotting and the doctors prescribed a medication to help.  Also her blood pressure is trending a little high and a medication was added to help that also.  Other than that she is on the standard post-Fontan medication cock-tail.

As I write this I am sitting in the PCICU waiting room.  My heart is joyful but sorrowful at the same time.  It was good news for us today so far, but not everyone in the PCICU can say the same.  There are many, many sick babies here.  As quick as one seems to be getting better the next second they are getting worse.  It breaks my heart at what Adams sin has wrought on this earth.  The brokenness is real and very painful.  Please not only continue to pray for our sweet Anna Grace but also pray for these sick kiddos and their families – especially their mommy and daddies. 

I am currently listening to Josh Garrels and taking great hope in Christ Jesus who has overcome.  Though life is painful now, it will not always be that way for those who are in Christ.  Josh says it well with the following in his song Pilot Me:

“I will arise and follow you over - Savior please, pilot me - Over the waves and through every sorrow - Savior please, pilot me - When I have no more strength left to follow - Fall on my knees, pilot me - May your sun rise and lead me on - Over the sea's - Savior pilot me - O' Lord”


Jennifer said...

I said it on FB, I'll say it here too-- your transparency (Tina's too!) through this enourmous trial is a beautiful picture of Grace and Faith in action.
It is an honor to pray for your sweet girl and your family as you walk this hard road.
Thank you for honoring Jesus each step of the way!
Prayers for all the other heart families you are encountering too. Our God is Able, Faithful, and True. Not one ache is wasted in His economy-- He redeems them all-- collecting even our tears as a precious treasure. Praise His Name.
In HIM---

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

PamO said...

Praying for you while you are on this uphill climb to day 3. Thanking God for his hand upon Anna Grace yesterday. Praising Him for His sovereignty and for your faithfulness to follow Him.
Love y'all
Bill, Pam, Rebecca, & Zach Owens