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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Blog Update Post Surgery 

One of the toughest things a parent could ever have to do is leave their small child in the hospital by themselves. Unfortunately for parents with children in the PCICU this is often necessary. There are no beds for guests to sleep in and they often have to lock down the unit for emergencies. 

This was our lot last night. We were forced to make the decision - to stay and stay up all night or to head back to the town home for some rest. Staying seemed the best thing, but the truth is Anna was going to be heavily sedated and sleeping most of the night. Leaving meant we could get some much needed rest.

We were only 15 mins from the hospital, so we decided it would better not only for us but also better for Anna if we went home to sleep. Better for us in that we actually did get almost get 6 full hours of sleep, and better for Anna in that we would be better rested to help comfort her as she started to wake up through the day on Saturday. So with much reservation, we left around 10pm. We were beat.   Physically and emotionally.

Anna, by Gods good grace, did excellent through the night. She rested well and came off the ventilator around 3am. She has progressed fine and the doctors seem very pleased.   There have been just a few hiccups today and the doctors are tweaking her medicine to help that.

Mostly today we are walking that fine line with pain medication and allowing her to wake up a little.  The doctors would like for her to have some ice chips, a little water and possibly some applesauce today.  So, we will see how the day goes.

I was told it is not uncommon for the to vomit when having food/drink for the first time which must be terribly painful, so our nurse has ordered some zofran to give her before we attempt food/drink.  Please be praying about this.

Also, it is still too soon to know about chylothorax so please continue praying about this.

As for our plans for tonight, we'll just wait and see how the day goes.

Zachary has been here with us most of the last 2 days playing in the hospital playroom making friends and having a great time!

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Jennifer said...

So glad you got some rest last night! Praying peace and strength for you today-- even for her tummy, and her pain as she wakes up some. Thanks for the updates!
In HIM---