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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Day At The Lake & Surgery

It was a beautiful day here Saturday and our family went down to visit Mee-Mee and Grand-pop down at the lake for the day.

We took a really long boat ride, over an hour at least.  The water was smooth, the temperature was warm and there was a slight breeze.  It was such a lovely day to be on the water and we all had a great time. 

That evening we had a fire in the fire pit down by the water complete with smores - although my kids just wanted the marshmellows and they didn't really want them toasted, they just wanted to eat marshmellows :)

After the fire pit it was time to hit the hot tub.  The kids love sitting in the hot tub after dark.  They had a blast!  It will be the last time in the next 2 months we will get to play in the hot tub so it was especially fun!

We drove home that night and the kids were fast asleep in the car.  We were all tired from all of the fun and memories we made at the lake that day.  What a great day we had!

Sunday night we had our babysitter Miss. Lauren come over to watch the kids and Brain and I went out of a date.  We know that this will be the last date we will be able to have for a while and the evening went by too fast!  Surgery seemed to be the main topic of conversation on our date.  Truthfully, we haven't really talked too much about surgery other than the logistics of it so it was time for us (and good for us) to share how we were feeling about it, what we were going to say to the kids, when we were going to say it.  All things that really needed to be talked about.  At times the conversation was very emotional so I wouldn't say it was a "romantic" date, but it was good for us - if that makes any sense.

Today will be my day to finish doing the laundry.  Tomorrow Miss. Lauren is coming over again to help watch the kids while I do last minute running around to prepare for our trip and do the packing.  I would also really love to clean my house at some point, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen.  I could/should do it today, but why would I want to waste the day cleaning when I could be playing with my kids?!?!?  We have a big week coming up and those memories will be more important than I clean house I think.  I think I may have talked myself out of cleaning today :)

Oh sometime tomorrow I'd like to try to vote in the midst of everthing.  It is the hot topic of conversation in the nation, but it really has been an afterthought for me lately.

Our plan right now is to still to leave on Wednesday morning which will give us the afternoon to buy some grocies and things.  Thursday is a planned 6 hour pre-op appointment.  The paperwork said that there is apossibility that AG will need to be sedated for her pre-op appointment which means fasting the night before.  Ummmmm.... AG has a lot of doctor anxiety so I figure sedation is pretty much guaranteed for her!

Things to pray for:
(1)  Safe travel to Chalreston on Wednesday.
(2)  Pray for Miss. Lauren as she will be keeping Zachary for us during all of the hospital stuff.
(3)  Pray for Dr. Bradley the surgeon.
(4)  Pray for Anna Grace to not be scared and to be cooperative.
(5)  Pray for no complications during surgery.
(6)  Pray for no infection.
(7)  Pray for no chylothorax.
(8)  Pray that we might be an encouragement to others even in the midst of this.

Thank you friends for faithfully following our story and for praying for our family.  The Lord truly has walked and is walking with us through this.  We trust the Lord and His soverign plan for Anna Grace and for our family.  The Lord is changing my heart to focus on each day and to enjoy each precious moment in the day - this has helped me to not focus on or worry about the future so much which might otherwise have consumed me.  I am thankful for this.  I covered it in about 2 sentences here on this blog, but for my life it has been a huge, huge blessing!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Sweet friend-
My heart is full for your family-- full of prayers, full of love, full of HOPE. Please know your request are being lifted to the Throne of Grace! Praying that God's faithfulness will be tangibly manifest in your life this week!
I love your guts!!!