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Thursday, November 15, 2012

On 8D

Today Anna  Grace was transfered out of PCICU to 8D.  She now has her own room with a door which affords a lot more privacy.  There is also a lot of freedom here to put her in a wagon and head to the playroom.  She was able to go to the playroom 3 times today which is great for her.  Just the kids, toys and change of scenery seem to help her.

She still has 3 chest tubes (and a lot of other tubes and wires in her) and according to the doctor they're not coming out any time soon.  Please continue to pray, pray, pray, pray a miraculous healing for her with the chest tube drainage.  She is so scared of the chest tubes and they are very painful.

She hasn't eaten a whole lot today. Just a few cookies and a few bites of banana.  Please oray that her appetite increases.  We really still dont know about chylothorax because she hasnt really eaten anything with a lot of fat in it so please continue to pray against chylothorax.

A praise from yesterday is that AG pooped today.  It might not seem that significant, but i promise it is a big deal.  Thank you for praying about that.

Right now it is 10:00 pm and she is sleeping.  We will have to wake her every 4 hours tonight for meds and vitals so it will probably be a very long night, but we are still so very thankful to be where we are right now.  We know AG still has quite a journey ahead, but we are thankful.  Thank you friends for praying.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What a honor to pray for your family! God is so good-- my tears tonight are happier ones, at least. Continued prayers for her drainage to decrease miraculously, for no chylothorax, and for rest and peace to be mulitiplied.
Love your guts!