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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ugh... Stomach Virus

So, our simple cold turned into quite the ordeal. It started on Wednesday when I took Anna Grace into the doctor to have him check her ears to be sure she hadn't developed an ear infection as a result of her cold.

While we were at the doctor office I asked them what had been going around recently - they said really only the stomach virus. Well, we must have picked it up while we were there because Thursday morning Anna Grace woke up with a yucky diaper. I really didn't think anything about it and we went on to story time at the library as planned. While we were there she had another yucky diaper. I thought, "hmmmm... that's unusual for her" but still no bells were ringing. When we got home from story time she had another yucky diaper and then I thought, "OK, she must have some sort of stomach virus". I was hopeful that it would stay just yucky diapers and no vomiting. I put her down for her nap at 12:30 as usual and at 1:15 she woke up from her nap early. Then about 2:00 the vomiting started. It was terrible. She finally stopped throwing up on a regular basis about 8:00 last night. I put her to bed and she got up about 3 times last night throwing up. So far today she has only thrown up once, but she is still not really interested in food or water for that matter. Today she also started running a slight fever - 100.3 at my last check.

I just called and left a message for the doctor to let him know what is going on, but I know with these viruses there is not much they can do - they have to just run their course. I did manage to get her to eat a little oatmeal and about 2 ounces of water this morning. Progress as far as I'm concerned.

Please be praying for Anna Grace as her little body fights this yucky virus.

I am also gearing up for the rest of the family to have our turn with the virus because as we all know these things seldom stay contained to one member of the family. So, all in all I have enjoyed being out of quarantine, but not all the germs that go along with it. Yuck, yuck, yuck!


Jennifer said...

Praying that the rest of your family can miraculously escape the worst of this bug and for AG to heal soon!
Love you!

Hope said...

So sorry I didn't even know till yesterday. I know it has been a trial. Call me when you can xoxo.