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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Upstate Heart Moms and the Heart Walk

Friday night we had our monthly Upstate Heart Moms - Heart Mom Night Out. It was fun and we had two new moms join our group. We had intended to talk about "How having a heart baby has changed our relationships", but we had so much going on with the heart babies in our group over the last month that by the time we all shared the latest developments about our babies it was 9:00 and it was time to go. Wow, time flies. So.... we'll just put that discussion on the back burner for now because our next month's discussion is going to be about "Siblings" and we will take that discussion wherever it leads. So.... if you're a heart Mom and you want to join us next month for that discussion please feel free to let me know and I'll get you all the info.

So... after a fun night with my fellow heart Moms on Friday night I was all keyed up and couldn't sleep because I was also excited about the Heart Walk on Saturday morning. It is a walk sponsored by the America Heart Association. Now, the American Heart Association is a great organization, but only 1% of every PENNY of the money they raise goes toward Congenital Heart Defect research. Paltry for our cause. The Children's Heart Foundation actually does A LOT more for congenital heart defect research, but they don't have a walk in our area..... anyone want to take that on?????

Anyway, we met another heart family there and that was a blast! We walked for a little ways, but honestly with small kids we didn't get very far. We ended up on the playground and let the kids go wild. Even Anna Grace was having a great time on the playground! While we were playing I ran into another Heart Mom who I met right after AG was born. I haven't actually seen them face to face since we were at MUSC for AG's Glenn. So, it was a nice surprise to see them again and to see their little heart baby thriving and looking as cute as a button! So... three heart Moms and our husbands and children having a great time. It really was just a perfect day!

As for pictures... I didn't take my camera. My hubby took the "good" camera and I couldn't even begin to know how to download pictures off of it. So, when he sends me some pictures I will be sure to post them here for you to enjoy!

Overall, a great weekend. Also, as far as I'm concerned we are officially out of quarantine so you will be seeing us out and about again. I'll also probably be calling you for a playdate soon :)


Jennifer said...

Whoo-Hoo for the END of quarintine!!!!!! :) CAN'T WAIT to have a playdate! Looking forward to seeing the pictures too! Love your guts!

Nancy said...

I would LOVE to join you next month! It's always on the first, right? Please, send me the info and I will put it on my calendar. :)