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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Cold

Being out of quarantine is fun, but it also means that we're going to catch things like colds. Yes, Anna Grace has a cold. She is on about day 5 of her cold. No one else in the family has the cold. There's no fever or anything. It's just a cold, but it is causing her to not sleep well since she can't breathe. So... I'm beat. I guess I'll give it a couple more days and if she's still not sleeping well I'll take her into the doctor to have him check her ears to be sure she hasn't developed an ear infection. She's eating fine still, just not sleeping well. But, let's face it - she's not the greatest sleeper so her not sleeping well really doesn't throw out a lot off red flags for me.

So, really she is tolerating the cold very well and I am happy to be blogging about "regular" baby things.

1 comment:

PamO said...

We will be praying for it to pass quickly and for her to quickly get back to her old self again. We are dealing with the same thing now since Zach has a cold/allergies :( He is sleeping in our room since he wakes up coughing and gagging a few times a night. I'm afraid there's no way around it --- they are going to catch stuff. Bleh!
Love ya!