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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well... We've Got The Flu

So yesterday when I posted I thought maybe Anna Grace and I had managed to bypass catching the flu. Nope. About 9:30 last night Anna Grace woke up screaming. It was about that same time I started with a super sore throat and runny nose along with a few aches and chills. Needless to say, Anna Grace and I were up until about 4:00 am when she was finally able to fall asleep... until about 7:00 this morning. Sigh....

So... I ran to the drugstore this morning for Mucinex for me and Puffs Plus Lotion for Anna Grace and I to share. I thought SURELY my heart baby will be sleepy and want to nap with the flu. But no.... even after partying all night long she only managed a 45 minute nap this morning and a 30 minute nap this afternoon. My urban legend theory from my previous post still stands.

So, it is now 7:00 pm and I just put Anna Grace to bed with a prayer that tonight goes better than last night... after all I HAVE THE FLU TOO. I suppose it is in the job descrption of being a Mom that sleep is actually the LAST thing on the list of priorities. Sigh.....

Anyway... I spoke with Anna Grace's doctor today to tell hiim that she began presenting flu symptoms today. He kept her Tamiflu dosage the same and told me to call him tomorrow to discuss how she is doing. I'm sure at some point this week I will take her into the doctor to have him just listen to her lungs to be sure she is tolerating the flu and not developing any pneumonia or secondary infection. So far she has acted pretty happy today and played pretty well. She has also not run any significant fever (101 at the most).

My heart baby is handling the flu much better than her mother.

Please pray for Anna Grace this week that the Lord will continue to give her body the endurance and strength it needs to fight off thie flu and to give me the wisdom and discernement to notice if she begins to get into distress at all.

Thank you friends.

P.S. - Zachary and Brian are still at the lake. Zachary has still not run any fever and has played and acted fine all day today. Although, Brian did say that his appetite hasn't been great and that he hasn't been begging to stay outside all day (which he normally does while at the lake). So.... really he is Zachary as usual with a runny nose and a cough. Brian still has not presented any flu symptoms. I think the plan is for Zachary to stay at the lake until Tueday and then we'll bring him home. Hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better by then and will have some energy to keep up with him!


PamO said...

OH NOOOOO! I'm so sorry that you are sick! We will be praying for both of your cases to be slight and over with quickly. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.
EXTRA Heart hugs!

Jennifer said...

Bless it. I am so sorry naps are an illusive dream at your house-- Praying hard for you tonight that SLEEP will blessedly refresh and strengthen both of you. May I bring dinner to your doorstep tomorrow? Call me-- I really would be glad to bring by some soup or some meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas. I am praying and praying reguardless!!!
Love your guts!