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Thursday, March 3, 2011

She's So Scared

We just got back from the doctor for another round of Synagis injections for Anna Grace. As soon as we walked in the door to the doctor's office she started crying, not just whimpering or fussing but all out CRYING. She knows. She knew where we were and I'm sure she knew why we were there - injections. My poor baby CRIED the entire time we were there. I couldn't soothe her. Nothing would calm her. She cried during her weight check, her temp check, her O2 sat check and as you would expect during the injections themselves. I told the nurse, "this is what happends when you've spent too much time in the hospital". I know some kids do OK, but there is no doubt in my mind that Anna Grace has been scarred by everything she has been through in her little life and I CAN'T MAKE IT BETTER. It's a tough pill to swallow as a Mom.

She has her echo coming up on Tuesday and I am asking you to please pray for the Lord to calm her - there is nothing I can do - it would truly be nothing short of a miracle if we are able to get a good echo on Anna Grace Tuesday. She just has so much FEAR. It is justified, I know, but this is our journey. My eyes well up with tears for her and I am sad.

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Hope's Blog said...

It is so hard to realize that our little ones know only too well what is happening and how much it upsets them. Hope does the same thing and I have even found out that you can hear her crying in the waiting room when the echo door is closed...so very sad.

I will pray that she does better on Tuesday.