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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sinus Infections and Heart Mom Night Out

Sooo sorry it has been so long since my last BLOG update. The kids and I are over our flu, but Anna Grace and I have developed sinus infections as a result of our flu so she and I have both started with Amoxicillin this week. (Zachary came through the flu without a scratch!)

I have to say that Anna Grace does not like her antibiotic. She is a great medicine taker when it is her "regular" medicine, but this stuff she cries and spits out and gags on. It is not fun administering this medicine to her. She has also started in with a yucky diaper rash as a result. But..... this is "normal" baby stuff and so for that I am thankful.

Anna Grace has her last round of Synagis injections for the season tomorrow. I am so glad we are done with that for a while and I know Anna Grace will be glad to be done with that as well.

Also, if the rain cooperates and stays away then the kids and Brian and I will be walking with some other Moms from our Upstate Heart Moms group in a Heart Walk here on Saturday. I'm really excited about getting the kids out amongst the living... I feel like it is our "Coming Out" party for the season :) We are planning on decorating a little wagon for our sweet Anna Grace to ride in. I'm not sure how far we are actually going to walk... since Anna Grace still has a pretty big stranger anxiety, but we are going to do our best. Her cardiologist, Dr. R is supposed to be there too so hopefully we will be able to meet up with him as well. I will be sure to take pictures (weather permitting) and post them up on the BLOG for you to enjoy.

Also, just a reminder, Friday night is our Upstate Heart Moms meeting from 7-9 pm. Same bat time, same bat channel :) Leave me a comment if you're interested in attending and I will get you more info!

Oh... one other thing.... one the the Heart Moms in our group had some SUPER CUTE t-shirts made up for our group to wear to the Heart Walk on Saturday. I am excited about sporting our new look. Thank you Kristie for designing and ordering our shirts. She is super talented ya'll and I am thankful to have her in our group!


Jennifer said...

I am cleaning the wagon TOMORROW-- no matter what the weather!!! I'll bring it by your house either tomorrow evening or first thing Friday AM so you can get it decorated. :):):)
I'll be praying for AG as you have to give the antibiotic for the full 10 days-- no fun.
Love your guts!

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