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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heart Mom Night Out and Lemonade Stand

We had our Heart Mom Night Out last night and there were 5 of us Heart Moms there. It was great getting together with these ladies and just chatting about heart stuff. Collectively we have a GREAT amount of knowledge about the heart and it is so nice to talk about our children's hearts without having to explain what words mean... what acronyms stand for.... where blood flow goes.... etc, etc. Just nice to be able to have a heart conversation :) Our next Heart Mom's meeting is going to focus on how our relationships have changed since having our heart babies. Should be an interesting topic of conversation! There is no doubt that having a heart baby WILL change your relationships..... we are proof of that since we NO LONGER SEE ANYONE!

Although there were 5 of us there, we were missing one very special member of our Heart Mom team.... as she has been down at MUSC with her precious son Mason for 23 days now recovering from his Glenn. He is struggling with coming off the ventilator and there has been some talk about a trach for Mason. So.... please pray for Mason throughout the weekend for wisdom and discernment for the doctors to know WHEN to try again to remove him from the vent AND for strength and endurance for Mason's little body as he tries breathing for himself again. Mason's BLOG is located here if you want to follow his progress www.mason2010.wordpress.com

Another thing that has been on my mind that I mentioned at our meeting last night was having a lemonade sale. I had a few lemonade stands as a child and it was fun. So, I thought I would let the kids do a lemonade sale this summer and split all proceeds between Palmetto Hearts and Crossbridge Ministries. I thought it would be fun for the kids as well as helping to raise awareness about CHDs and raise some money for some organizations that are very dear to me. So, I think we're going to try to do it the last weekend of May or the first weekend in June in my driveway. A lemonade sale that the kids can help with and have fun with. So... if you have a taste for lemonade drop on by. I think we'll sell it for $1 a glass.... it that reasonable? I think when I was a kid we sold it for .25 cents a glass.... but that was about 30 years ago...... yep. Inflation affects everything, even lemonade stands :)

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