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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flu Update

Here's an update on how we're doing with the flu. We confined Zachary to the master bedroom yesterday, but he is the most active sick kid you've ever seen. After an hour of watching cartoons and two hours of playing on the computer Zachary had enough of sitting in the master bedroom. He started jumping off the bed pretending he was Spiderman. I went upstairs and told him to rest. Then about 30 minutes later I went to check on him and he had managed to open a window in the master bedroom (it's on the 2nd story) and he was swinging from the blind cord. Seriously. I was thinking "how are we going to keep him in here for the next 3 + days????).

So... my very gracious Mother-In-Law offered to let Brian and Zachary come down to the lake to spend the weekend... totally putting themselves in jeopardy of catching the flu to help protect Anna Grace and to let Zachary get a little playing and attention and love.

So... Brian and Zachary headed down to the lake last night about 8:00 pm. I spoke with Brian this morning who said that Zachary slept all through the night and hadn't run any fever. He's been playing outside in the sandbox at the water's edge this morning and other than a runny nose and cough he is like Zachary as usual.

With that being said.... I have heard rumors that some children actually nap and sleep when they are sick. I have never actually seen a child do this in person so I suspect that it might be some sort of urban legend or something. Even the flu won't stop Zachary!!!!

As for Anna Grace. My gracious Mother went to the drugstore yesterday and got her prescription onf Tamiflu filled. She had a dose last night and a dose this morning. She is supposed to take it twice a day for 7 days. So far she hasn't had any negative reaction to it. She also has not presented any flu symptoms yet... she is Anna Grace as usual.

As for me.... I have been scrubbing the house and washing and washing and washing. So far Brian and I have not presented any flu symptoms. Please continue praying for our family. I will keep you updated. Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Glad Zach is defying the normal miserable-so-sick-you-can't-move-off-the-couch kind of flu! I do have photographic proof of what the flu can do to kids. I totally cracked up at your urban legend thought!! ;) The flu shot and the grace of God are helping Zach!!! My neice, Caitlyn, got the flu even with the flu shot, and she only ran a fever 48 hours and never really slowed down. Praying Zach is well enough to come Home Monday and that all your washing and cleaning and our prayers work to keep Anna Grace (and the rest of you) WELL.
Love your GUTS--- Praying!

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