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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No More Tamiflu

Last night Anna Grace slept all through the night. It was wonderful. Seriously. Wonderful. I never heard her once. Not even a cough.

This morning she woke up happy and although I didn't check her temperature she didn't feel warm to me so I assume no more fever. She drank her whole bottle this morning but wouldn't eat food. As long as she is drinking her bottle I am happy. Her nose is still running but not excessively and I haven't really heard her cough but maybe once or twice. She's been playing pretty good today and acting quite happy. She did start walking a little funny this morning, kind of weaving a little like a drunk person might walk. I thought maybe it might be a side effect of the Tamiflu so I just stopped giving it to her. Hopefully it is just some weird side effect of the medication and it will correct itself soon. I will keep you posted, but it is certainly something I will be keeping an eye on.

So other than the little off balance walking Anna Grace and I are feeling much better. I think a good nights sleep always helps!

I called to check on Zachary this morning, the plan was for him to come home today, however he REALLY wants to stay at the lake another day so...... I told him he could stay one more day. Tomorrow morning (pending Anna Grace doing well the rest of today and through the night) AG and I will ride down to the lake tomorrow and spend the day and bring Zachary back home with us. Honestly I'm glad that he's having such a great time down there but I really miss him.

His Mee-Mee and Granpop-pop said that he has been really good for them and that other than his runny nose he is feeling fine.

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Jennifer said...

Nathan and Rachel sat with me and I read your post outloud to them. :) We are glad you are doing better after some sleep and will continue praying for Anna Grace ( and MOMMY) to fully recover from the flu too--- and I'm praying specifically against any silly secondary infections!!! I hope you get to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day at the lake tomorrow!!
Love your guts---