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Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Fever Updates

Today's update is much the same as yesterday's update. Anna Grace still has a fever of 99.6. I spoke with her pediatrician and cardiologist yesterday. Basically, I am to watch it closley. I'm to call the pediatrician on Monday to discuss what happens over the weekend. If the fever persists then we will need to schedule some more detailed blood work as well as a urine culture. Please pray that the Lord restores Anna Grace's body so that none of that will be necessary.

Also, Anna Grace's cardiologist did tell me that he would like to skip the "regular" echo in March and go ahead and schedule a sedated echo on her. So.... it looks like that is a definite thing for her coming up. It will have to be done at Greenville Hospital and is considered an outpatient procedure.

1 comment:

PamO said...

I have been thinking about ya'll and praying for AG to get well soon. I pray that the fever is gone now and that the "heart worries" are long gone.
Heart hugs,