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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fever, Bows and Little Boys

So we've had an eventful few days.

Monday night Anna Grace woke up with a fever. Hitting about 102. No other symptoms. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday who ran a white blood cell count check - it was slightly elevated, but still in the "normal" range. They also ran a flu test, negative. The doctor said it was probably a virus. I think that is highly unlikely since we have been in lock-down quarantine. There are also no other symptoms and no one else in our family has the "virus". Basically it is an unexplained fever, which as a heart Mom makes me automatically think "heart". I am trying to not let my worry carry me away and am trying to pray each time I start to worry and turn that over to the Lord - where it belongs. It has been constant over the last few days for me... worry... pray...worry... pray. I am going to go ahead and call her cardiologist and let him know what's going on. We haven't had a good echo on her since she had her Glenn (6 months ago) - I think it really might be time to schedule the sedated echo to have a really great look at her heart. As much as I dread how difficult another hospital visit will be for Anna Grace. We really need to have a good look at her heart. I will let you know how this progresses. As of today, she is fever free and no other symptoms developed. If you are a heart Mom, you know where my thoughts are going on this one......

So in the midst of this fever, we received a care package in the mail. It was just perfect timing really, it was what I needed when I needed it. (Thank you Lord)! This care package was from someone I don't really know, but has been following Anna Grace's story since her birth and has been praying for her for all this time. I just started crying as I read the note from this sweet woman. How humbling... how thankful I am. This person found a website of a person who makes bows to help support families with heart babies. So, she bought Anna Grace a "heart bow". It is a beautiful little bow attached to a head band - it is adorable. She was also so thoughtful to inculde a little gift for Zachary as well. So... I wanted to share that with you and also give you the bow website in case you are interested in purchasing a "heart bow" for your little girl and making a difference for a family struggling with the financial responsibilities of caring for a heart baby.
Click here
to go to the website.

Now, a little something about Zachary. I don't mention his antics much, but he is a lttle boy full of energy and curiosity and unlike his sister he loves talking to people - any one - any age - any time. He is a social bug. So, since we have now moved into a neighborrhod we now have neighbors. Zachary loves it. Our neighbors to the left of us are an "empty nester couple". Their children are in their twenties and no longer live at home. The husband and wife both work during the day, but they have been so sweet to tell us we can play in their front yard which we do almost daily. When we are outside playing in the evening Zachary always asks me if he can knock and their door and say "hello". Sometimes I let him and sometimes I tell him no. I don't want him to be a pest knocking on their door everynight. They are very sweet when they open the door though and always talk with him and ask him about his day. My hubby made a comment a few nights ago that he hopes Zachary doesn't turn into "Dennis the Menace". That just tickled me because he absolutley has those "Dennis the Menace" tendencies. So, to continue on with the neighbors... the nieghbors on the other side of that couple is a retired couple. We see the wife almost daily and one day she invited us over to their backyard to sit in her porch swing. Zachary said "I LOVE it here" and talked with her and asked her questions and poked into every nook and cranny of her backyard. We stayed about 20 minutes and she said we could come back anytime. We had fun and it was nice meeting our neighbor, but do you see how "Dennis the Menace" could creep up here. Too funny.

Anna sporting her new "Heart" bow!


Jennifer said...

How funny-- the Denise the Menace analogy, not the fever. :) Zachary is energetic, but WAY too sweet to be a menace. :)
I miss hearing him call me "Misus Scwuggs". He'll be speaking clearly and i'll be boring ol' Mrs. Scruggs WAY too soon. :)

Praying for peace for your heart as you consider what's best for AG's heart.

I love your GUTS!!!!

Laura said...

I completely understand your thoughts. Graysen had an unexplained fever for four days when he was 8 months old. It turned out to be a UTI and he ended up being hospitalized for it. The pediatricians allowed the fever to go for four days before deciding that it was time to "figure it out." Then they sent us to the ER and the ER figured out that it was a UTI. I know what you are thinking (endocarditis), but it is probably just a virus. Just a tip to have them check for UTI too. They never expected it with Graysen.